Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) announced that Quality Enclosures will streamline its shower door coating process with Diamon-Fusion easy-to-clean coating. The coating will be applied via the FuseCube’s chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, which fuses the coating to the glass surface, making the glass resistant to staining and etching.

“A superior protective coating, with a lifetime warranty and uniform coverage on both sides of the glass… Diamon-Fusion truly expands our product offering for our customers,” says Steve Schwartz, president at Quality Enclosures. “Couple that with the efficiencies and support the FuseCube will provide our production team. We are excited to say the least.”

“[Schwartz] and his team at Quality are making some big moves in the shower door sector,” says Michael Spellman, CEO at IGE Technologies. “Capitalizing on all the FuseCube has to offer will help them set the bar in the industry. We at IGE are all about automation and the FuseCube automates a very important futuristic process.”

The company is set to host the FuseCube at its manufacturing facility in Port Orange, Fla., with plans of expanding business operations throughout North America – in part by adding two more FuseCube’s to their production facility.

“We thank [Schwartz] and his team for partnering with DFI. We see a lot of untapped opportunity in the market and a great team at Quality Enclosures,” says Adam Zax, president of DFI.