Ralph Aknin

Ralph Aknin, founder of Glass 3 Enterprises (G3E), a U.S. and Canadian supplier and sourcing provider for commercial architectural glass, is celebrating 45 years in the glass industry.

“Honesty, integrity, confidence, visionary, collaborator, compassionate, responsible, humble, positive attitude and a truly outside-of-the-box thinker and doer best describes our mentor, leader and friend,” says Seth Maretz, director of sales for G3E. “You couldn’t find a more spirited, committed, authentic person than Ralph.”

Nearing five decades of service in the glass industry, Aknin began his glass career in product sales for National Glass in Langley, BC and Calgary, Alberta-based operations. In 2005, he joined Glass 3 Enterprises.
“Believe in yourself, your team, trust your vendors and factory partners/suppliers,” Aknin says. “Without a great supplier, you will not have customers. Keep the process simple and recognize that every project presented does have its own life…  Call me ‘old school,’ as I value the importance of staying in touch through direct phone calls (especially this past year). It’s the personal touch that seems to pay off.”

Reflecting on his 45 years in business, Aknin says, “Once travel bans have been lifted, it will be back to personal one-on-one visits and building up my frequent flyer program! At the end of the day, I always reflect that conversations continue to help decide who to do business with and helps drive a successful procurement and a long-lasting relationship.”