NSG Group’s revenues decreased in the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 compared to the same time last year, but its profits increased in that span, according to the company’s latest financial release.

The revenue decrease from 321.7 billion yen to 289.8 billion yen was due to a strengthened Japanese yen, the company says. A “significant improvement from the previous year” of profits, from 10.1 billion yen to 15.7 billion yen, was supported by the recovery in European markets and lower input costs.

The fiscal year second quarter spans from April 1 to September 30.

NSG’s architectural segment recorded revenues of 118.4 billion yen in the latest quarter, down from 133.1 billion yen a year ago. Profits in that category were up from 9.1 billion yen to 13.4 billion yen. Its technical glass segment brought in revenues of 23.3 billion yen in the most recent quarter, down from 25.8 billion yen the previous year. Profits in that category increased from 0.2 billion yen to 0.5 billion yen.

Automotive remains the group’s largest segment, accounting for 147.9 billion yen in second quarter (2017 fiscal year) revenue.