FeneVision User Conference Tackles Software Updates

By Emmariah Holcomb

FeneTech held its 16th annual FeneVision User Conference in Independence, Ohio, in June. The three-day software conference included multiple sessions de-signed to update users on any changes made to the soft-ware, in addition to teaching new users about it.

FeneTech representative Nate Huffman highlighted new scanning techniques that glass industry employees can use in the near future.

“The line scanner has been around for years, but what makes it a stronger tool is the 16-bit’s ability to see scratches,” said Huffman. The tool’s reaction to light has improved, allowing it find the slightest scratches on tinted windows and glass.

Also discussed were improvements to the CulletScanner centered on tempered glass. Not only does the scanner’s test view specifications, but it can also pick up on glass stress levels. This means the scanner can use predictive action to view patterns in cracks without having to increase the size of the crack by putting a larger break in it.

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