USGlass Magazine’s 39th Annual Guide to New Products and Services

With supply chain issues, price increases, labor, and other challenges plaguing your workday, USGlass makes one choice easy—how to find new products. Whether you’re looking for the latest machinery and equipment, glass, software, hardware and more, you can read about it in our 39th Annual Guide to New Products and Services. Here are some of the industry’s newest offerings.


Beat the Heat

Guardian Glass launches SunGuard SNR 35 and SunGuard SNR 50 coated glass with low solar heat gain, a silver appearance and reflectivity. According to the company, SNR 50 offers medium reflectivity, a 48% visible light transmission and 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient, while SNR 35 offers more reflectivity and a lower solar heat gain coefficient of 0.17 for energy-saving performance. Both products are available heat strengthened and tempered and on jumbo (130 by 204 inches) and super jumbo lites (130 by 240 inches) at 6-12 mm thicknesses.

To the Max

New from Vitro Architectural Glass is the VacuMax Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG). The product integrates with any traditional glazing system, window frame or curtainwall application for thermal performance. VacuMax VIG delivers R-values close to those of a traditional wall with an R-value of R14+. Tempered VacuMax VIG units can be used alone as ¼ inch glass to replace monolithic glass without the need to replace the framing system. It can also be used as a substitute for the interior lite in any double- or triple-glazed insulating glass unit.

Bird-friendly Products

Fly Safe

Eastman and SEEN AG have introduced Saflex FlySafe 3D, a new polyvinyl butyral interlayer for laminated glass to prevent bird collisions. Saflex FlySafe 3D features three-dimensional, reflective sequins between two lites of glass, meant to catch light at different angles and deter birds. The sequin pattern covers less than 1% of the glass area and can be applied in atriums, facades, skylights, windows and more.

Avian Allies

Glass Coatings and Concepts has a new product line called EX Series Surface One Ceramic Enamel, a product containing frit design for surface one application. Side 1 features visual markers to prevent bird-to-glass collisions. The products can be screen printed and are delivered ready-to-use. The company offers simulated etched, white and custom color matching capabilities for glass designs, and samples are available upon request.

Looking Out for Mother Nature

Large glazed projects and buildings pose a risk to local and migrating birds, which led to the development of Trosifol® BirdSecure and SentryGlas® BirdSecure. The products incorporate a dot pattern on Trosifol UltraClear and SentryGlas, respectively.

The new offering has been fully tested to American Bird Conservancy standards and can be used on its own or with solar-control coatings. The dot pattern is not discernible to humans from a distance of over 6.5 feet, so views will not be hindered or obstructed.

Bird Deterrents

Walker Glass added two new patterns to its AviProtek bird-deterrent glass products. The designs comprise scattered patterns of 5 mm squares, both non-linear and multi-directional. Markers cover less than 1% of the glass to offer clear sightlines. The patterns have a Threat Factor of 25 from the American Bird Conservancy, and both designs satisfy the 2×4 rule for bird deterrence.

Doors and Windows

New Openings

Quaker Windows & Doors introduced the H450 Series casement, project-out and fixed window and the H650/H655 Series single-hung window. The H450 features symmetrical sightlines, the ability to match exterior colors, capabilities to facilitate large sizes and historic panning and trim styles. The H650 features 41/8 inch frame depth, historical sightlines and AzoCore thermal technology for performance.

Glass Railings

Frameless Views

The Ocula glass windscreen system is a new development from Trex Commercial Products. The system offers a post-free, clamp-supported design that can be customized for various outdoor settings. The widescreen system is designed to divert wind, featuring a guardrail height of 43 inches and the ability to withstand wind loads up to 86 psf or 54 psf with
height increases. The stainless steel clamp can be paired with clear, frosted or fritted glass. The system comes in three standard heights for guardrail, pool surround or balcony divider, with custom heights and various top cap and handrail options available.

Decorative Glass

Stylos S-tyle

GGI introduces another decorative glass to its collection of textured patterned solutions. Stylos S is an engraved glass solution with a vertical design that offers privacy and visible light transmission. GGI will stock Stylos S low iron in 12 mm 1/2-inch thick 88 1/2-x 126-inch as well as offering Stylos S clear, low iron and tinted in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm for
special orders.

Bendheim Prospero

The new Prospero collection from Bendheim comprises seven textured, etched and carved designs in low-iron, grey and bronze 3/8 inch-thick tempered glass for frameless partition walls and shower enclosures. The monolithic glass provides visual privacy while resisting permanent stains from water and fingerprints, diffusing light and reducing glare. Custom options are also available.

Sevasa Graduel-H

Sevasa launched its Graduel-H, which has a horizontal format of gradual opacity. The glass is resistant to scratches and stains, durable and equipped for public areas and does not show fingerprints. The transparent/translucent area of Graduel-H is also customizable.

Printed Options

Vitrum Glass Group offers digitally-printed glass with various opacities, multiple colors and custom designs. Six basic ceramic inks—black, white, green, blue, red and yellow—are digitally mixed to create designs. The minimum size is 12 by 12 inches, with the maximum size being 110 by 200 inches. The glass also offers energy performance and solar shading,
and depending on the graphic or print, it may also assist with glare control and have a bird-friendly design.

Getting Heavy

The Crystal Series 9200 is the newest heavy-commercial window line from Crystal Window & Door Systems. Made from aluminum polyamide with thermal performance, the series is available in the tilt-and-turn, in-swing casement and fixed/picture models. The window line includes zero sightline sashes, concealed hinges, insulating glass and an environmentally sustainable powder coat paint. The series also supports two-tone paint options for different colored exterior and interior finishes.


Made in the Sunshade

CRL has introduced its new 8010 Series single-blade sunshade for flexible solar exposure management. Blade angles can be adjusted from 0° to -35° in 5° intervals with brackets that attach to storefront and curtainwall frames. Multiple frames can be attached vertically or horizontally with the airfoil or rectangular style options. Splice joints are also offered for continuous adjustable blades.


The In on Energy

Deceuninck offers the new Innergy Architectural Products line. Made from Rovex, a composite of continuous glass fibers and reinforced polyurethane polymer, Innergy AP has properties of aluminum and polyamide while also offering thermal performance.

Glazing Systems

In the Pocket

The QuikGlaze Pocket for use with normal gaskets and insulating glass units (IGU) is one of the newest developments from AGNORA. It includes a self-centering design for alignment while also featuring no thermal bridges or metal caps for energy efficiency. The product comes in two models, Centred and Backlite, allowing for compatibility with different toggle systems and spacer widths. Using existing components and IGU edges, the glass can be mechanically held to wood, steel or aluminum structures.

Curtainwall Options

Midwest Glass Fabricators (MWGF) introduces two new products, Route and Return panels and insulated back pans. Route and Return Panels provide dimensional accuracy and rigidity. They can be painted after installation. Panels feature V grooved 4 mm thick composite panel using a CNC router, then hand-bent along the V-groove line. Insulated back pans are used to control heat with curtainwall construction. MWGF Insulpans feature Roxul Curtainrock 40/80 or similar insulation, attached to the exterior of curtainwalls or panels pin welded, glued or strapped to the pan. The Insulpans are made from 22ga galvanized steel and come in a variety of profiles.

Protective Glazing

Stay Strong

Deployable Ballistic Partitions for security and school settings are available from Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions. The product is available in a see-through barrier and an option for a magnetic whiteboard for classroom use. According to the company, the partition is stable under fire and comes with handles on the secure side for reaction while under fire. Multiple design options are available, allowing for different color options, sizes and additional features.

Apps and Resources

Get in iShape

The new iShape II from A+W improves from the previous model with quicker fabrication, greater functionality and increased user-friendliness. Using reference L-angles in a template’s perimeter, the app’s camera provides data such as perimeter and radii. The user will receive a  confidence factor” regarding the template’s quality and can email the file to an A+W CAD designer to remove imperfections to prepare for cutting.

Aluminum Fabrication

All in One Center

The new RhinoFab 9700 from Glaziers Center provides automated door blank and storefront and curtainwall stock length fabrication. The machine allows for drilling, routing and countersinking operations on hinges, locks, panic hardware and closers. It offers changeover to architectural aluminum to cut, drill, countersink, rout, bevel and miter stock lengths up to 31 feet long and fabricate pressure plates and cover caps.

Trucks and Transportation

Glass Movers

Schodorf has added several new glass trucks to its offerings. Those additions include a 12-foot long heavy-duty aluminum Model L-60 glass rack and a 2023 Isuzu cab and chassis. The glass rack has a metal carrier, a rear-mounted waterproof toolbox, deep ledge boards, eight poles with four adjustable holders per pole, removable roof bows, a backup alarm and more. The Isuzu has a 12,000-pound gross vehicle weight providing 5,700 pounds of payload.

Handling and Lifting

Hold on Tight

Wood’s Powr-Grip introduced the Power Rotator Tilter 5300, a capacity vacuum lifter with DC-voltage and integrated counter-balance. The product has 5300 pounds capacity, 35 inches of overhang reach, 360-degree power rotation, 90 degree tilt and an adjustable pad frame.

Heavy Lifting

Quattrolifts is releasing two machines designed to handle heavy glass and panels safely and efficiently. The Vector 880E glazing robot has a lifting capacity of 880 pounds with remote controlled precision movement. It is a small and lightweight machine weighing less than 1650 pounds, and can be transported inside the back of a van. The Vector 880E also has a powered rotating head that allows 360-degree rotation. The company says its Omni 1800 attaches easily to a highrise material handler and can be used inside and outside a building envelope to allow for safe installations. Standard features include two independent wireless remotes, one for the driver and one for the installer, to precisely control six degrees of movement.

Machinery and Equipment

New Options for Edgers

Two new edger options are now available from Adelio Lattuada. First, the A-WR System offers automatic wheel settings such as diamond/resin wheels pre-setting procedure without glass in less than one minute. Other settings include polishing wheels’ wear recover, spindle cleaning procedure and detection procedure of the inlet belt wear. The i-AL is another option for automation. It includes a portable push-button for glass removal, automatic management of pressures, glass removal and speed according to the thickness and glass length measurement.

Increase Safety and Productivity

The Erdman® OMRC (One-Man Robotic IG Cell) was designed to require just one operator, which allows for maximum social distancing, safety, ergonomics and increased insulating glass (IG) output. IG units can be monitored on carts throughout the production process. The machine has up to a 45-second cycle time per 2- by 3-foot IG unit without a grid and around one minute cycle time with a grid.

Clean Cuts

GED has a new series of glass cutting tables, called the CleanCut 1800 Series.
The CleanCut 1800 is a cutting-only model, while the 1800-D features edge deletion to accommodate larger glass. Electro-pneumatic actuation allows for precise pressure, reducing glass breakage, according to the company. A regenerative braking system feeds unused power back to the grid to save energy and reduce excessive heat generation.

Automatic Breaks

A new automatic glass slitting and breaking system that can uni-directionally score glass blocks into a large number of smaller blocks is now available from Glassline. An HMI screen allows for the use and positioning of the slitting heads. The scores are opened automatically via a dynamic breaking system, for further processing. The system provides throughput and has user-friendly features. Glassline can also provide automatic breaking systems following their linear motor based CNC Cutting machine.

Smooth Edges

New from Glaston, the Multi’Arrisser uses cup wheel technology for arrissing straight glass edges. The cup wheels adapt individually to different edge geometries of rectangular and shaped formats individually while allowing a maximum arrissing speed of 60 m/min. Premium low-E glass can be processed without any contact of the coated surface. The machine has a small footprint and is available as stand-alone or integrated into a production line.

Bent and Tempered

The new Xinglass QX-GTFB3.0 is a third generation of flat and bent glass tempering furnace. According to the company, the new machines offer improved precision for flat, bent, single-curved and multi-curved tempered glass compared to previous versions. The machine’s arc-changing mechanism uses a hydraulic and servo system, while profiles are used for glass shapes and arc forming. It also automatically records different arc adjustment parameters and is suitable for various glass types.

Promoting Efficiency

Salem Fabrication Technologies Group Inc. has added two new products to its lineup: Vista, a premium cerium oxide glass polishing compound available through Salem Fabrication Supplies, and Kodiak glass edging equipment available through HHH Equipment Resources. Both Salem Fabrication Supplies and HHH Equipment Resources are divisions of Salem Fabrication Technologies. Vista is a white polishing compound that is effective in glass polishing applications and glass cleaning in pre-silvering scrubs. Its formulation exhibits a free-flowing sheeting action that reduces carry-out and the need for the post-polish cleaning of glass and equipment. Kodiak glass edging machines are designed for continuous use and the handling of large glass lites. These machines feature heavy-duty frame construction, a long-lasting caterpillar track system, display screens and automatic lubrication.


Top Notch Choices

Top Notch now stocks the PemKonnect modular hinge from Pemko, a multi-piece continuous hinge. Three continuous hinge models are each available in 83- and 95-inch lengths. This product supports the same weight requirements as a traditional continuous hinge and can be modified for custom lengths for various jobs and conditions.


Elite Checks

The new additions to the Glass-Check Elite from EDTM allow users to identify laminated glass in a window and measure the thickness of the laminate interlayer. A graphical display illustrates the window’s profile. The Glass-Chek Elite has 12 operating modes, one of which can identify the lite of glass with the low-E coating when the coated surface is placed against the laminate interlayer. Improved technology from previous versions can indicate if the low-E coating within the glass is a hard-coat or soft-coat product. The meter stores the most recent 28 measurements taken by the user to save for later use.


Smart Solutions

Smart-Glass browser-based glass design and ordering software is now available from Smart Builder. The software has design tools with visual feedback, a panel library with layouts for mirrors, tabletops, shower doors, IG units, glass doors, and drag and drop cutouts. The software allows users to change measurements, export and import DXF files, receive glass pricing, eliminate supplier order entry mistakes and access the software on any internet-connected device.

Inspection Equipment

Lite Solutions

LiteSentry-SoftSolution have several new innovations. First is the White Haze Scanner, developed in cooperation with Glaston and designed to focus on the glass defect phenomenon known as “white haze.” Reflection-based technology allows the scanner to identify white haze in glass. The scanner is placed at the exit side of the tempering furnace and provides real-time feedback to the furnace operators.

Other new products include the TS4000 thickness and coating sensor and the Owl 5 Tempering Furnace Optimization System. The TS4000 discerns most colored glass, discriminates soft-coat low-E coated glass and most pyrolytic coatings, ITO coatings and electrochromic coatings, and identifies the coated surface on single-pane glass. The Owl 5 uses a non-contact topical system that measures glass thickness, coating type, glass dimensions and sheet locations. The product also discerns tint and color substrates, discerns fault conditions in glass or load geometry, alerts the conveyor system to stop the glass load and communicates with an Osprey to confirm all parts in a load are present, and alarming the operator if not.

Window Wall

From the Window to the Wall

The YWW 60 XT window wall is the newest development from YKK AP. The product features thermal performance and is suited for colder climates. The YWW 60 XT can also be customized, with options including pre-glazed or field-glazed, inside or outside glazed, captured 2, 3, or 4-sided structural silicone glazing configurations and dual-finished. The product features a U-factor of 0.36 BTU/HR/SF with a COG of 0.29 with standard 1-inch glass.

Protective Coatings

Covering all Sides

Diamon-Fusion now offers the FuseCube Express, a glass coating machine for applying the protective coating on both sides of a surface. According to the company, the machine can treat one to five lites in less than 10 minutes and has a minimal footprint (5 by 6 feet). The machine was modified to include a modular chamber roof that houses larger-sized glass allowing it to accommodate 60 by 120 inch lites. The additional height allows fabricators to treat larger glass for exterior glazing and storefronts as well as glass railings and windows.

Glazing Panels

The Smart Solution

Laminators Inc. provides a range of materials including Thermolite™ glazing panels. These panels are constructed with an insulating foam core that is sandwiched between two corrugated stabilizers and finished aluminum sheets. The panels are designed to easily fit in any standard or custom glazing system. Additionally, Laminators Inc. offers fabricated options to provide additional R-Value, new aesthetics and to create hairline joints between panels.

Storefronts and Entrances

Classic Design with a Modern Twist

Boyd’s BH01 storefront system is designed for historic aluminum storefront applications. The system retains the classic, decorative appearance of a historic storefront with all the benefits of modern technology, according to the company. Boyd designed the system so architects, building owners and other users can preserve the visual integrity of their historic storefront, while increasing the building’s heating and cooling efficiency.

Preserving History

PRL’s thermal break storefront series 251 is designed to add energy efficiency to storefronts. The company’s thermally broken framing is designed to increase energy efficiency, and is suitable for an array of applications. The system provides the thermal break on both the frame and glazing, helping keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer, according to the company.

Insulating Glass Spacers

Visually Appealing

H.B. Fuller’s Ködispace 4SG warm edge spacer system offers energy efficiency, gas retention and an automated process for precise spacer placement.

The patented formulation chemically bonds to glass and silicone secondary sealant. There is no spacer migration, and it has higher temperature stability than standard insulating glass with PIB.

According to the company, the invisible thermoplastic spacer system provides visually appealing insulating glass, and creates a harmonious connection between glass and frame.

Trucks and Transportation

Secure Transportation

MyGlassTruck is now offering exterior and interior glass racks for installation on Ford E-Transit electric cargo vans. With the location of the battery packs underneath the van, the company says it was able to design a mounting system that eliminates the need to drill through thevan’s frame or floor to mount the racks. Weighing half as much as a steel rack, aluminum glass carriers can have a minimal impact on the expected range for electric vehicles.

A range of standard lengths and heights are available. They can also be customized with a selection of interior racks and options.

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