Brad Walker

SAFTI First has added Edify Studios to its growing network of sales representatives. Principals Brad Glauser and Brad Walker bring their combined 35 years of experience in the architectural glazing industry to help architects and contract glaziers in Oregon, Washington and Alaska choose the correct and code-approved fire-rated glass and framing solution for their projects.

Glauser is a fourth-generation general contractor who brings a perspective that stretches from real estate development, through subcontracting and into manufacturing. During the last 15 years, he has specifically seasoned his experience in the field of building envelope project management and marketplace of engineered glass wall systems.

Brad Walker brings more than 20 years of experience in the global building products industry, with an innovative and passionate approach to education and delivering product to the end user, according to the company. His ‘boots on the ground’ experience, from the perspective of the contract glazier, enhances his understanding of the overwhelming value that can be provided from a vendor partner with practical knowledge of the industry.

Brad Glauser

“SAFTI First is thrilled to have a duo the caliber of Brad Glauser and Brad Walker. Both bring a unique perspective and set of experiences in fenestration. They have been very successful in their own right and we are confident they will create a formidable team as product representatives,” says Tim Nass, vice president of sales at SAFTI First. “Both have the necessary relationships and understand the process and complexities of promoting and selling commercial, fire-resistive glazing systems in the Pacific Northwest.”

“The partnership between SAFTI FIRST and Edify Studios is a good fit as it is a product that needs active support during the design phase as well as after the project is awarded. It is specifically the early preconstruction phases of the project, that we are set to provide significant value,” says a statement from Edify Studios. “We have plans currently to disrupt the status quo of the Pacific Northwest and leverage years of SAFTI First’s proven ability to successfully execute work. This will further their status as the leading single-source manufacturer of USA-made fire-resistive glass and framing assemblies.”

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