Sage Electrochromics of Faribault, Minn., has filed a suit against Milpitas, Calif.-based View Inc., formerly Soladigm Inc., alleging patent infringement.

The suit is based on Sage’s patent no. 5,724,177 (the ‘177 patent), titled “Electrochromic Devices and Methods,” and no. 7,372,610 (the ‘610 patent), titled “Electrochromic Devices and Methods.”

According to the complaint, View allegedly was founded as Soladigm in 2006—17 years after Sage—and on November 12 View announced that “its large-scale electrochromic dynamic glass product was ready for global deployment.”

“View’s dynamic glass product directly competes with Sage’s dynamic glass product in the market that Sage created,” writes the company. “On information and belief, View plans to unfairly compete in the marketplace by using Sage’s patented technology to market and sell products that infringe Sage’s intellectual property.”

Sage further alleges that View has “had knowledge of the ‘177 patent [and the ‘610 patent] prior to the filing of this complaint for patent infringement and injunctive relief, at least as a result of the numerous rounds of financing obtained by View and the attendant due diligence accompanying such financings.”

Sage is seeking an injunction against the company to cease the alleged infringement and damages with pre- and post-judgment interest

Officials from View had not yet responded to requests for comment at press time.