A leaky metal roof at the U.S. Naval Academy’s McDonough Hall has been transformed into a glass roof using SageGlass, according to a release from the company.

McDonough Hall is one of the original buildings constructed on the Naval Academy campus and today serves as an athletic facility. The building’s metal roof recently came up for replacement, at which point Navy architect Tony Freitag decided to replace the metal roof with a glass one.

“The challenge was, if we made an all-glass roof, how would we avoid ‘poaching the people inside of the building,’ so to speak. The space is already hot and humid, so controlling solar heat gain was a major concern,” Freitag says.

Freitag looked into a number of options, according to the release.

“I took [my research] all the way up the chain of command and presented the idea of using dynamic glass,” he says. “That’s how a simple little project of fixing a leaky roof turned into a sustainable, money-saving, cutting-edge renovation that helps out the whole eco-system of the building.”