Joe Munoz, an employee with San Antonio 24 Hour Glass, is accused of taking $1,537 without performing any work.

A San Antonio-based glazier is in hot water following theft allegations. A local media outlet, KENS 5, reports that Joe Munoz, an employee with San Antonio 24 Hour Glass, is accused of taking $1,537 without performing any work.

The outlet says a customer hired Munoz to replace a cracked glass countertop in their kitchen. Munoz arrived at the site and collected $1,537 to repair the glass. However, he left and never came back to finish the job.

The customer explained that she called Munoz to reschedule multiple times, but he never showed up to the appointments. After two months of failed promises, the customer sought help from local media outlets.

According to KENS 5, they contacted Munoz by phone and told him the customer wanted her money back. Munoz initially agreed to give the family a check on April 16, 2024.

He failed to send the check. After continued pressure from the media, he refunded the money to the customer.

This wasn’t the first time Munoz was accused of theft. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety records, he has been arrested and sentenced on theft-related charges at least 12 times since 1993.

When KENS 5 began researching Munoz, it couldn’t find a store location. However, they discovered he had a suite in a building on San Pedro Ave.

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  1. I paid San Antonio 24 Hour Glass $500 to replace an RV window . I initially gave them a good review, the window was replaced and looked ok. After a couple of weeks, the window fell out and shattered. Joe Munoz has refused to send a refund. Joe Munoz has claimed “the check is in the mail” for almost 3 weeks now. After doing some research, I ran across the Kens5 article. If you hire this company just be aware that Joe has a history of theft and do NOT pay upfront and if your window falls out and shatters after only 2 weeks, you will NOT get a refund. Also the address on their website is NOT a legitimate address. This company does not rent an office in the building. I called the building manager and NO San Antonio 24 Hour Glass has an office there

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