To keep up with regional demand, Sapa Extrusions-North America has installed new extrusion presses at its Yankton, S.D., and Elkhart, Ind. plants. The new presses have been moved from other Sapa locations and “should begin extruding aluminum solutions for customers during the second half of 2015,” according to the company.

“We’ve seen very strong growth in the Midwest region of the United States over the last several years,” says Patrick Lawlor, president. “These two presses are coming at the perfect time to serve what we expect to be a continued high demand for aluminum extrusions in the region. One of the important strengths of our Sapa network is the ability to move our press assets to the areas of the world where they are most needed.”

The facilities are receiving other updates in order to meet the capacity needs, including:

Yankton, S.D.:

  • A 2,500-ton 8-inch direct extrusion press primarily serving building and construction customers;
  • Two new shipping docks to accommodate the increase in capacity; and
  • New aging furnaces.

Elkhart, Ind.:

  • A 3,000-ton 8-inch direct extrusion press primarily serving automotive customers;
  • New shipping docks to accommodate the increased production;
  • A new, 8-inch log furnace with billet saw, and all line support equipment beyond the press proper; and
  • New aging furnaces.

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  1. How do you extrude aluminum solutions? Should “solutions” have been extrusions? One could corner the market by extruding aluminum solutions!

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