Is your company struggling with organization and inundated with unnecessary amounts of paper scattered throughout the office? According to A+W Software officials, that’s a problem easily solved. The flat glass software company pitched visitors at GlassBuild America 2023 in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center that switching to technology can streamline operations and increase productivity.  

A+W displayed various software programs at its booth, including its Smart Companion Stock, Smart Delivery application and Smart Factory production system. Each program is designed to help glass companies gather operations digitally and compile them into one easy-to-access location.

A+W pitched visitors at GlassBuild America 2023 in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center that switching to technology can streamline operations and increase productivity.

Take the Smart Companion Stock application, for instance. A+W sales and marketing manager Josh Rudd says the system allows for fast and easy receipt of goods with adjustments of receiving quantities.  

“The program also provides an electronic inventory list for cycle counting,” he says. “Additionally, it allows for the small movements of various components throughout the facility. For example, on a shower door, you have all of your glass, which runs through our software from fabrication to the end, but you also have hardware. In the old days, hardware was either in inventory or not. Now, companies can conduct mini staging of inventory to prepare it and pair it with the order at the exact time.”

Rudd says, essentially, Smart Companion Stock improves finite movements for accessories that typically require multiple steps and lots of time.

In addition to improving internal plant operations, Rudd says A+W is also focused on enhancing logistics. The company’s recently released Smart Delivery mobile app allows drivers to scan a completed rack or individual lite, get the customer to sign and take a picture to denote the product has arrived, all on the fly.

“Our industry is paper-intensive when it comes to shipping,” says Rudd. “If a product is damaged during delivery, the driver has to do all their drops and come back at the end of the day with a huge pile of waybills that needs to be sorted to find the complaint bill.”

However, the mobile delivery app sends driver delivery notes and obtains customer signatures via a phone that runs iOS or Android. This removes the struggle of sorting through reams of paperwork. Rudd says that the reception from drivers has been positive. He explains they now get their entire route list electronically and have digital proof that products were delivered.

Wood’s Powr-Grip (WPG) and Bailey Cranes know the benefits of technology. The two companies have turned to digitalization to improve the maintenance and safety of their machines. Jack Garczynski, of Bailey, says its cranes can be operated via remote controls. He adds that WPG’s vacuum lifters, which Bailey pairs with its cranes, are monitored using apps.

“WPG’s technology is really coming around with more apps on the phone,” he explains. “The apps can tell you how long the suction cups have been used, when the filters need to be changed, and when you should check the batteries.”


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