Scienstry Inc., a Texas-based liquid crystal switchable film manufacturer, received Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 Technology Innovation Leader award. The award recognizes companies that introduce the best underlying technology to achieve product and customer success while driving future business value.

According to Frost & Sullivan officials, Scienstry has “invented many new technologies by solving some of the fundamental problems related to smart film and smart glazing and contributed to the most advanced features that paved the way for developing a superior 3G Switchable Film suitable for outdoor and projection applications. The significance and market potential of these results are huge.”

Scienstry’s 3G Switchable Film addresses various challenges associated with conventional polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, such as chemical instability toward ultraviolet rays and narrow working temperatures. Scienstry’s film is free of inherent chemical defects and offers a wide operating temperature range and a longer operational life.

“Frost & Sullivan’s analysis indicates that Scienstry’s technology breaks many limitations of conventional PDLC theory and holds multiple benefits, heralding a new era for outdoor, projection and energy-saving applications,” says Priya Madhuri, an industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Outdoor applications are an important feature added to the smart glass industry.”

Scienstry was judged on several criteria, including a commitment to innovation and creativity, stage gate efficiency, commercialization success, application diversity, financial performance, customer acquisition, operations efficiency, growth potential and human capital.

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