The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) has created the first draft Product Category Rule (PCR) for sealants for North America.

The PCR sets the industry rules for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which is used to create an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). EPDs are tools that the value chain is beginning to use to communicate impact categories within the building and construction industry.

The PCR for sealants was created in a collaborative effort between an ASC member task force, UL Environment and Thinkstep. The draft PCR is now open for public comment.

“PCRs are the first – and important step – in supporting the industry as we respond to an increase in customer requests for product information,” says Matthew E. Croson, president of ASC. “The PCR will outline in detail how a company should approach an LCA when developing an EPD, and is a vital part of the EPD process.”

The PCR is available for public review and comment here until April 29, 2016, after which it will be reviewed by an independent expert panel. Comments may be submitted to