Dynamic Glass

Block Distractions

Innovative Glass Corp.’s eGlass brand switchable LC Privacy Glass allows building occupants to select when glass is transparent and when glass needs to be “frosted” for complete vision control on demand. With a touch of a button or by voice command, companies can instantly block out hallway distractions and keep meetings fully private, while still allowing natural light to pass through. When there is no longer a need for
privacy, glass can be switched to its natural clear state. eGlass is ideal for conference rooms, private offices, lobbies, curtainwalls and can be easily integrated into most partition systems. Aside from stationary walls, Innovative Glass also has many proprietary wiring solutions to incorporate its glass into all types of doors.



Preventing Leaks

Located throughout the building envelope are critical terminations and connections where leaks are most likely to occur. Construction tolerances, applicator inconsistencies and movement, particularly with varying geometries, create the potential for air and moisture infiltration at these interfaces. Continuity is key to the longevity of structural components as well as energy consumption, indoor air quality and maintenance. Comprised of 40 durometer translucent extruded silicone rubber, Tremco’s Proglaze ETA is available in several systems with a wide range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate even the most demanding conditions, allowing greater movement than traditional sealants or self-adhered membranes.



The Third Dimension

Press Glass SA’s new 3D Glass product, 3D Glass, is its new approach to thermoforming glass. It uses a patented technology based on ceramic molds instead of the previously employed metal molds. An efficient forming process of individual ceramic molds provides more freedom in forming large surfaces composed of unique glass panes.

The irregular and curvilinear surface of façades using 3D Glass improves the acoustic insulation of buildings, thanks to better dispersion of acoustic waves. The effect can be strengthened when 3D Glass is used as a “second skin.” The degree of acoustic insulation improvement depends on the designed shape of the glass.

3D Glass can also contribute to the sustainability of tall buildings by making heating and cooling more efficient. Using single or laminated glass lites with the newest high selective coatings and connecting them with spacer bars allows the company to offer energy efficient double- or triple-glazed units, helping improve the indoor environmental quality of buildings by reducing heat loss and limiting sun penetration.

3D Glass can be laminated using PVB foil, and can also be printed with individual designs.


Jumbo Sized

Coated high-performance glasses in jumbo sizes up to 130 by 204 inches are now available from Vitro Architectural Glass. Manufactured on what Vitro describes as North America’s largest MSVD coater, these large expanses of glass enable architects and designers to realize their most dramatic and ambitious visions using Vitro Glass’ entire range of MSVD-coated low-E glasses, including Solarban solar control low-E glasses, according to the company. Available substrates include clear, Starphire Ultra-Clear and Acuity low-iron glasses, and all performance-tinted glasses by Vitro Glass in various thicknesses.


Shower Enclosures

To the Finish Line

Consolidated Glass Holdings (CGH), has launched its Invisiwall shower enclosures, a complete glass-and-hardware solution for commercial shower applications. The enclosures are sold exclusively through CGH Architectural companies J.E. Berkowitz, Columbia Commercial Building Products and Solar Seal. Pairing quality glass with multiple hardware combinations, Invisiwall shower enclosures provide a frameless and modern, high-end finish for large and small commercial projects. Available with standard clear glass or low-iron glass for increased transparency, Invisiwall shower enclosures also can be custom fabricated with acid-etched, sandblasted, silk-screened, decorative cracked and other glass types. A variety of shower door hardware is available in brushed nickel, polished chrome, polished nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Other finishes are available upon request.


Prepare to Repair

Strybuc’s new Glazing Bead Bundle Kit includes a glazing bead identification ring, which includes 126 bead samples for easy identification on jobsites, a deglazing tool, glass cutter and a 19-ounce Spray-X foam glass cleaner. The kit is intended to help those working on window repairs.



Jumbo Operations

Equipment manufacturer Taifin, represented in North America by Custom Glass Machinery, offers solutions for jumbo glass fabrication, including the CTF3393. This furnace and its twice-as-long sibling offer high-quality convection and matrix heating control that yields homogenous peak temperatures. When combined with its high-performance quench control, the furnace results in minimal iridescence, according to the company. Heat strengthening of 12-mm is standard, along with numerous other features.


Quality Washing

Adelio Lattuada’s vertical washing machine is able to process glass up to 3,300-mm high, with thicknesses up to 80-mm and a weight of up to 4,409 pounds (2,000 kg). Adelio Lattuada offers a full range of high-tech, both open and closed, vertical washing machines that are easy to use and maintain. All Lattuada washing machines are customizable and can be integrated with different machines, such as vertical grinding, drilling and milling lines, as well as CNC machines.


Scan the Line

The LineScanner from SoftSolution North America was developed to provide quality inspections of transparent flat glass products including single sheets, insulating glass units, fabricated glass, polycarbonate or film, and more. According to company information, the LineScanner inspects products with extreme precision for all defects regarding quality and dimension. Its flexibility, as well as its simple operation and installation, allow it to be placed into production quickly and easily with minimum space
requirements. The unique parallel light technology enables the LineScanner to be operated with the same hardware, both horizontally and vertically, for almost all flat glass products.


Trucks and Carriers

Roll Aboard

The Easy Rider roller is now available from F. Barkow and is designed to help load and unload lites onto an interior rack. The roller works with an existing or new interior rack with all stainless steel hardware for extra strength.

According to company information, the Easy Rider allows users to roll lites instead of lifting them onto the interior rack. Also, one person can load a larger lite easily, helping to reduce physical strain and the likelihood of accidents. The 9-inch polyurethane-coated steel roller is abrasion-resistant and the quiet rolling, precision bearings are maintenance free. It is compatible with any brand glass rack.



Doors that Exceed

Winco Window Company’s NC82 terrace doors offer design flexibility with availability as single and double French doors with inward and outward opening, with or without sidelites. These doors provide long-lasting and secure access for any design. Winco terrace doors are manufactured with aluminum for strength and durability with a thermally broken frame and sash that exceed performance specification criteria required by ANSI/AAMA for AW windows. They are water tested to 15 pounds and capable of withstanding more than 100 psf of structural test pressure, which is equivalent to more than 200 mph winds. Non-shrinking weather-stripping and the option of dual or triple glazing help ensure that the terrace doors have a thermal U-factor performance rating of 0.416 BTU/FT²-HR. Special features include multipoint, stainless steel locking hardware, horizontal rails, automatic closers, wide style door sill and a ½-inch ADA sill
with water to 8 Psf.



Spacer Selections

Technoform’s Spacer M improves thermal and structural performance, reduces risk of condensation and enhances the appearance of window systems. Featuring a hybrid composition, Spacer M is a cold bendable, warm-edge spacer bar comprised of engineered thermoplastic and low-conductivity stainless steel. Its compressive strength can withstand demanding commercial glazing pressure requirements and facilitate handling. Two selections are available: with wire for high-profile rigidity ideal for medium to large frames and no wire for more flexibility for radius shapes and bent frames. Both types are available in sizes ranging from a ¼-inch up to a 1-inch airspace, in a no-glare, smooth matte finish in the following colors: black, light gray, dark gray, white, champagne and bronze.


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