Beveling Machinery

Automatic Beveling

The Champion TG371B straight line beveller is available from Machines and
Wheels. The fully automatic beveling machine has 11 spindles—seven for bevel grinding, three felt wheels for bevel polishing and one pencil edging wheel for cleaning the edge. The machine features a raisable front beam system, which processes small pieces. The conveyor system has chain-mounted pads with top and bottom bearings along machined rails.
Additional bearings provide vertical support, while two bearings every two pads provide an “anti-cocking” function maintaining the pad system parallel when processing sizes smaller than the conveyor height. Bevel parameters are governed by a PLC, which calculates bevel angle based on input of glass thickness, bevel width and remaining edge thickness.

On Trend

Master Series CNC work centers from Intermac are designed with
robust machine frames that absorb vibrations to ensure long-term spindle precision. The five-axis head with endless rotation C-axis and A-axis
(tilts from -90 to +90 degrees) allows architects and designers to achieve
cutting-edge ideas and ensures excellent flexibility in complex machining
operations such as beveling. Diamut’s three-degree wheels for masterful
beveling can also provide trending looks and quality. All Master Series
machines also offer the new SOPHIA IoT platform for monitoring production, identifying malfunctions and assisting clients with maintenance
operations, replacement parts and preventive maintenance.

Fast Meets Accurate

The Bovone Mini Maxi 471 is part of the Bovone 400 Series bevelers
and available from Salem Flat Glass & Mirror. It is a straight line beveling
machine for cerium polished bevel and pencil edge grinding. The 400
Series has three models: the 471, 462 and the 461+1. They are designed
for high production environments and built to deliver years of reliable
service. The 471 produces bevels up to 2.25 inches at speeds up to 5.4
meters per minute. This line of machines is equipped with a Siemens
PLC (programmable logic control) that features a touchscreen interface
for fast and accurate operation. These programmable logic controlled bevelers can adjust pertinent settings from data entered on a touch screen
interface or recalled from a memory of up to 1,000 programs accurately
and quickly.

shower doors

Maximizing Space

C.R. Laurence’s Clear Space is a frameless shower door concept that uses
a top door guide to produce what it says is an industry-first elliptical door
swing. This maximizes usable floor space because the door is drawn inward as it folds open. Clear Space’s ultra-narrow top door guide automatically folds away from the opening and stacks parallel to the sidewall to produce an unobstructed entryway to improve accessibility. A key benefit
of Clear Space is its ability to reduce door outswing projection
by approximately 45 percent compared to a standard hinged shower door. Clear Space offers a frameless shower door that’s versatile, enhances function and keeps pace with emerging design trends, according to the company.


Fully Coated

The new FuseRocket from Diamon Fusion International (DFI) is a bilateral, inline hydrophobic coating machine that streamlines the application of the Diamon-Fusion protective coating via a chemical vapor deposition
(CVD) process. Its horizontal design seamlessly integrates into any tempering line, and coats both sides of the glass; it can also alternate to single-sided. The FuseRocket comes in 4-, 6-, and 8-feet in depth sizes, and has a footprint of 30 square feet. It can treat up to 57,600 square feet of glass per hour and can coat any type of glass, such as IG units, shower doors, heavy fabricated glass, etc., adjusting for various glass sizes.

storefronts and entrances

Endless Options

Solar Innovations’ folding glass wall systems (SI3000
and SI33000) have multiple sill options and profile dimensions, providing performance and design flexibility. According to the company, it
provides some of the largest folding glass walls (3½ feet by 9½ feet) currently on the market tested for Florida ratings. Outside of impact rated zones, Solar Innovations’ panels can reach the size of 4 feet by 12 feet or larger, depending upon location and final engineering approval. Every aspect of the doors can be customized, including sizes, finishes, hardware, and configurations. Solar Innovations uses stainless steel and aluminum hinges on all folding doors to ensure a long lifespan, serviceability, and  durability.

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