Clear Brilliance

Vitro Architectural Glass’ Acuity low-iron glass is an upgrade to conventional clear glass, according to the company. It offers clarity for vision glass applications and a truer rendition of colored spandrel glass panels. Formulated for use with Solarban solar control, low-E glasses and available through members of the Vitro Certified Network, Acuity eliminates the green cast inherent to conventional clear glass to create a more brilliant aesthetic without compromising project budgets or energy performance, according to the company.

Kinetic Facades

Rolling Waves

The Kineticwall Dynamic Façade system from Exterior Technologies (Extech) adds movement to building enclosures and wall systems with its flapper-panel design. The panels react to wind currents, creating the look of rolling waves across the wall system. It is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall, yet is light enough to enable easy installation, natural ventilation and visibility from the inside. The system can be used on both small- and large-scale façades. Popular applications include transit and parking facilities, cultural institutions and artistic installations, according to the company. Made of flappers attached to stainless steel rods, the Kineticwall can be specified with square or curved polycarbonate, glass, aluminum or steel flappers, and in different sizes. The metal framing and standard 6-inch flappers come in a broad selection of finish types and colors, and can be recycled at the end of their useful life in the façade system. The spacers between the flappers remove the chance for collateral noise. Depending on the choice of flapper material, the system also manages unwanted solar heat gain inside the building. Coupled with natural ventilation and natural light, the dynamic system can assist in lowering electric and HVAC loads, thereby reducing energy use.


Functionality Meets Design

The Roto Patio Inowa is a hardware solution designed to enhance the over-all performance and functionality of a sliding patio door. Inowa, which stands for “Impermeable: No Water, No Air,” combines convenient operation with an attractive design. It features an innovative closing movement that provides a high level of impermeability and lower energy costs for the user. The hardware system incorporates a continuous gasket system around the operable sash, along with concealed lock points, even in the mullion area where the two sashes come together.

Lifting & Handling Equipment

Crab Crawl

Glass manipulators are very maneuverable and can fit into tight jobsites where cranes cannot often fit. Ergo is taking maneuverability to a new level with its latest optional feature called Crab Crawl. This new feature allows users to drive an Ergo manipulator sideways, in either direction, even with a load on it, like a crab does.


Built to Protect

Winco Psychiatric Windows are built to protect patients and property. They allow natural daylight to shine through, promoting a friendly, healing environment in hospitals and mental health facilities. The windows are built to resist or minimize a wide range of potential dangers, including attacks from patients wielding blunt or sharp objects, intruders, as well as exposure to chemicals and bodily fluids. The frame materials are constructed to resist or minimize prying or cutting, and the polycarbonate protective glazing resists abrasions. The windows are tested to AAMA 501.8 (2,000 feet – pounds) and to withstand a swinging test weight of a 300-pound weight, which simulates the impact of a 250-pound man.

They feature a fully mitered, 3-1/2-inch frame depth with 1/8-inch wall thickness and sealed corners for structural performance and durability. Dual- or triple-glazing is available in impact and mar-resistant polycarbonate or laminated glass. The windows are AAMA-rated for AW-80 air, water and structural performance and feature dual weather-stripping for comfort and energy efficiency. They also come with a patented thermal-break process.

For security, the windows have concealed hinges and a redundant locking mechanism. The streamlined look of flush hardware and sash adds an extra layer of protection against potential injuries.


A Work of Art

Forel’s Art. LL lamination line is de-signed and engineered specifically for the lamination of flat and tempered glass with polyvinyl butyl (PVB) and SentryGlas interlayers. The Art. LL can process standard or custom sizes, shapes and other types of mixed production. It includes eight operating zones: loading, washing, transferring, film dispensing and manual positioning/trimming, glass coupling, first pre-heating oven/pinch roller pressing, second main heating oven/pinch roller pressing and unloading. The washing machine automatically detects the glass thickness and low-E. The Art. LL has eight external rotary PVB magazine stations with a table and semiautomatic PVB cutter.

No Wear Worries

Hydrapower International offers advanced V-grooving machines and has introduced features designed to enhance the productivity, performance and simplify operation. The latest update provides a set of carbide tools which enable rapid grooving of up to ½-inch thick stainless steel plates. Cut-ting speeds have increased and tool life is also extended. The new tool system reduces the need for operators to watch for tool wear. A redundant tool in the fourth station creates chips when the leading tools are worn, according to the company. This lets the operator know it is time to rotate the inserts. Parts will continue to meet the dimensional specifications without the need to immediately stop the process.


In the Clear

MetaShield400 is a fully transparent coating that blocks ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths up to 400 nanometers (nm), which includes both UV-A and UV-B rays. The proprietary nano-enabled formula from MetaShield can be applied to glass and many types of plastics easily. Its formula blocks 99.9 percent of all UV-A and UV-B rays while maintaining 91 percent optical clarity in lab testing. In thermal stress and moisture testing, no obvious changes were detected on the coated product, nor was there any visible damage to items receiving UV rays from underneath the coated product. In additional independent testing, the company exposed the coating to the two-year equivalent of accelerated solar UV exposure using the ASTM Standard of G155 for Extended UV Exposure. The coating successfully protected multiple glass samples without noticeable yellowing. Combining transparency with UV protection affords consumer product manufacturers the ability to show off the product’s color, which is an important part of marketing certain products.


Fin in the Sun

Architectural Grilles & Sunshades’ (AGS) custom vertical sunshade fins are featured in the Intermountain Gardner Transformation Center in Murray, Utah. The building features 8,300 lineal feet of custom 1 ½-inch by 14-inch vertical tubes with a kynar two-coat finish. The fins are attached to the vertical mullion of the curtainwall system. AGS also provided the oversize male/female button head fasteners to help provide the fins with a more industrial look. ASG’s sunshades are fabricated in-house, so no field assembly is required.


Respecting Privacy

SWM’s ArgoBond EVA interlayer film is suitable for switchable glass applications because of its high optical clarity, good strength, long-term durability versus heat, humidity and UV degredation, according to the company. The low melting point of the thermoset EVA allows the film to be laminated and cured simultaneously at temperatures which accommodate the low-temperature limitations of switchable film laminates. These dynamic, smart composites function as dimmable or decorative glass to provide an on-off privacy in highly visible architectural glass-walled or glass-windowed applications where visual isolation is the desired design element.

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