Safe from Damage

Cardinal 10 from HMI Cardinal can be applied to both sides of sandblasted glass, protecting it from damage caused by exposure to water and oil-based substances. The process of sand-blasting glass creates a certain level of opaqueness that provides for a greater level of privacy and versatility in glass designs. It also causes the glass to be-come more susceptible to damage, particularly from the natural oils secreted from a person’s hand or body. Cardinal 10 adds a layer of durability that maintains the reliability and appearance of each side of sandblasted glass. This protectant features nanotechnology that provides a layer of durability that turns otherwise ordinary glass into an easy-to-clean, non-stick surface.


Panic Innovation

C.R. Laurence’s (CRL) Entice panic device by Blumcraft, a division of CRL, is a new type of emergency egress system. It features an ultra-narrow crash bar that’s engineered to attach to the vertical panic component easily and securely. This simplifies alignment and allows one-person installation. The two-piece system also allows architects to specify a panic device with an interior handle that matches the exterior handle—an aesthetic benefit that was unavailable previously with panic devices for glass doors. Using proprietary through-glass fittings, the Entice panic device can mount onto double-glazed 1-inch insulating glass along with ½-inch and ¾-inch monolithic tempered glass. It also creates a distinct floating-on-air aesthetic on thermal doors.

Glass Railings

Taking Windscreens to New Heights

Trex Commercial Products has introduced Ascent, a post-sup-ported glass windscreen designed for commercial exterior use. Suit-able around pools, outdoor dining areas and balconies, this new product delivers unobstructed views while also diverting wind to create a more enjoyable environment and outdoor experience. Ascent is designed to handle a qualified windload of 80 psf. This increased windload allows for installation at much higher altitudes, such as balconies and rooftops. The system uses an easy-to-install aluminum snap-fit system with concealed fasteners for installation. With one side of the post in place, the glass is positioned in front of the system and held in by double-sided foam tape. The tape holds the first lite of glass in while the next lite of glass is installed. The cover is then snapped in from the front, safely securing the half-inch glass panel in place.

Dynamic Glass

A Smart Solution

For about three decades, smart glass could only be used indoors in an air-conditioned environment because of its narrow temperature and UV and moisture instabilities, according to Scienstry. With the company’s new 3G Switchable Film, outdoor applications are now an option. 3G Switchable Film has a temperature range from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit and anti-UV and anti-moisture features. The switchable projection panel can be used in outdoor applications.

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