Ocean Colors

Ocean Series is a McGrory Glass designer collection made possible by its in-house print facility. Color-shifting dichroic pigments are used in McGrory’s proprietary printed film interlayers, with limitless design options, according to the company. Inspired by beaches from around the globe, Ocean Series comes in seven shades. It’s available in different opacity levels, patterns and gradients for a strong or subtle effect, and can even be used to incorporate custom graphics (including logos). Shimmering Ocean Series glass is suitable for large installations and interior, exterior and structural applications, including: facades, building envelopes, fins, doors, canopies, railings, office entrances, decorative surfaces, walls, partitions and privacy control. Ocean Series can also be combined with additional glass types and interlayers to create special effects.

High-Impact EVA

Salem Flat Glass & Mirror, in partnership with Folienwerk Wolfen, offers the EVA films EVGuard and EVGuard MPE. Ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA, is a copolymer best known for its resistance to heat and aging. EVGuard is a special EVA film for laminated glass and laminated safety glass that is certified for impact, weathering and sound reduction – meeting all U.S. standards, according to the company.

EVGuard MPE is a high performance multi-layer polyester film used for heavy impacts and printed laminated safety glass applications. In combination with EVGuard EVA films, EVGuard MPE establishes an additional advantage in terms of stability, durability, shear modulus effect and printability, according to the company, adding that using the products together produces a high-impact resistant glass which can also make a decorative safety/security product when required.

Architectural Metals

A Single Source for Metal

Quality Metalcrafts LLC has recently released it latest brochure featuring the Americlad Architectural Metal Product line. The brochure illustrates the wide variety of metal products, including the latest composite and aluminum plate wall panel, column cover, louver and sunshade systems, as well as the company’s ability to supply custom and standard brakemetal. Panel systems are fully tested to meet the most stringent
requirements, according to the company, and custom and standard finishes are readily available.

Fire-rated Systems

Increased Protection

Steel door and frame brands Ceco Door and Curries have both new offerings and expanded their existing E119 fire-resistive products. Partnering with Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, these Assa Abloy brands now offer window walls featuring corners and other angles without the need for vertical mullions to splice panels together. Other new features for these glazed frames include bullet resistance up to level 3 and sound ratings up to STC 49.

In addition to the expanded frame offerings, Assa Abloy can now provide full glass narrow stile doors with either 60- or 90-minute UL10C fire ratings as part of the full E119 fire-resistive assembly with optional bullet resistance up to level 3. Like the existing frame offering, these new expansions have been tested and certified to ASTM E119, UL
253 and NFPA 251. These products are engineered for applications where transoms, sidelights and window frames have greater than a 45-minute fire rating, or where the glazed area exceeds 25 percent of the wall area.

Digitally Printed Glass

Digital Effects

HMI Cardinal has three new products that bring high-resolution color effects to glass panels, covering a wide range of interior and exterior applications. The three new products are made using the company’s branded Satori digital in-glass printing process. Color images and effects are fused into the glass during a firing and tempering process. As a result, the colors and designs never fade, peel or scratch, and the glass can be cleaned using ordinary cleaning products, according to the company.

Cardinal’s Priva-Tech color effects can be printed using crisp edges or transitioned fades, with custom opacity levels, to create a custom “privacy shield” that never fades or scratches. Priva-Tech is an innovative and aesthetically pleasing privacy solution for shower enclosures, glass fencing, conference room walls, room dividers, glass railings and more.

The company also now offers sand-blasted glass through a digital in-glass printing process, resulting in a product that is smooth to the touch on both sides and without the rough sandblast texture that can absorb grease, trap dirt and catch sponges or paper towels. Cardinal’s digitally printed simulated sandblast replicates the look of authentic sandblasted glass, with a smooth, easy-to-clean glass surface that never peels, scratches or fades, according to the company. It can be used for shower enclosures, accent walls and room dividers, conference room walls, kitchen and bath surfaces, and more.

Cardinal has also enhanced the grid-printed effect of its Vista Series shower enclosure with a simulated grid texture on the outside of the glass. This simulates a raised metal grid on the outside of the glass, leaving the interior surface smooth for ease of cleaning. It can be used for shower enclosures and additional applications utilizing glass sheets and glass panels.


Machine Configuration

Lisec has launched the Online Product Configurator, which allows users to access and configure processing machines and lines freely according to their specific requirements and personal vision. Lines or processing solutions can be assembled on the Lisec website, which allows experimenting with a wide range of options and details. The first line available in the configurator was the Lisec SplitFin processing line, and new machines and lines are added continuously. Once the user is satisfied with their individually assembled line, they can get an email summary including an image preview and technical detail information. Within two weeks, the company’s sales team will follow up with a definite quotation, which will be the basis for an advisory consultation. The configurator is optimized for all user devices (desktop, smartphone and tablet) and can be used quickly and easily. Individual configurations can be printed to provide a clear overview, or forwarded conveniently via email.


Transparency Redefined

Acuity low-iron glass is an economically priced upgrade to conventional
clear glass that offers superior clarity for vision glass applications and truer rendition of colored spandrel glass panels. Formulated to eliminate the green cast inherent to standard clear glass, it is ideal for architects and designers who are operating with strict budgets yet desire high levels of transparency for their building facades, according to the company.


Fabricate with Shear Strength

The Zipper CNC-11LZ Thermal Break Insertion Machine from Pro-Line
Automation Systems Ltd. features 11-axis CNC control, a large work envelope and a flexible tooling system. The CNC-11Z is well suited to long or short production runs. To maintain consistent shear strength throughout the entire length of the assembly the CNC-11LZ features the same patented automatic compensating knurling and crimping system as the previous Zipper models, and combines all three processes (knurling, insertion and crimping) into one machine, saving floor space, labor costs and time. A completely redesigned “quick change,” flexible nesting system fully supports the extrusion along the entire length and maintains the width of the assembly within +/- 0.01-inch over the full working length of the machine (24 feet).

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