Decorative Glass

Machinery Expansion

TBM Glass recently added a Tecglass digital printing line to its range of glass fabrication capabilities. The Tecglass machine digitally prints ceramic ink using 24 print heads achieving 1,440 dpi resolution. The company’s manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, Calif., is equipped with a variety of machines including a 5-Axis CNC, 3-Axis CNC, Vertical CNC, vertical edging, beveling, lamination line (enclosed in clean room environment), autoclave, tempering line and now a digital printing machine. The company’s architectural division manufactures glass for architects, designers, installers and artists, offering them unique solutions to their most challenging projects worldwide, according to the company. Fabricated products include glass from 3/32-inch to 1-inch thick in a wide range of colors, and finished products up to 150 inches.


Under Pressure

Technoform’s polyamide pressure plate increases the thermal performance of most traditional aluminum pressure-glazed systems. Designed for new construction or existing systems utilizing a 2- or 2.5-inch wide pressure plate, this solution has yielded performance increases of up to a 20% gain in U-factor and a 10% gain in condensation resistance. Best-in-class systems can achieve thermal performance with U-factors as low as 0.17 Btu/hr.ft2.F. The polyamide pressure plate is UV stable and easy to cut or drill onsite. It is an alternative to fiberglass products that require special handling and
equipment during fabrication. Orders can be produced to specific lengths and pre-drilled to reduce time and maintain consistent quality. Replacing the aluminum plate will improve the energy performance of the façade while accommodating a variety of manufacturer-supplied exterior covers to address various project-specific requirements, according to the company.


Design Flexibility

The Ködispace 4SG reactive thermo-plastic warm-edge spacer offers unlimited insulating glass unit shapes and design, thermal performance and maximum gas tightness, according to the company. As a permanently flexible spacer, its high elasticity and chemical bonding result in better mechanical performance during environmental changes. During expansion and compression cycling of the 4SG unit, stress is extended over the full spacer width and not concentrated only on the edges, helping improve gas tightness and energy efficiency, according to the company.

Architectural Metals

Architectural Aesthetics

Quality Metalcrafts/Americlad provides insulated infill panels to glaze into storefront or curtainwall to provide an attractive architectural metal look. Although the 1-inch thick panel is the most popular, according to the company, other thickness are also available. The company offers a wide selection of standard and custom finishes. A variety of insulation cores or custom configurations are available. This includes the flush glaze panel which flushes out with the curtainwall system, or the rabbet edge where high insulation values can be easily achieved.

Lifting and Handling Equipment

A Modern-Day Lifter

SmartLift’s SL408HL is specially designed for the modern-day glazier. Requiring no hydraulics for operation, it provides the glazier with 1/64-inch movements. All SmartLift models come standard with a remote control, outriggers and 5 inches of total side shift. SmartLift mobile manipulators are providing glaziers with a tool to eliminate lifting on the job or in the shop, according to the company.


An Ultra Tape

Capital Tape now offers a wide range of product offerings in the 4700 series of Ultra High Bond Acrylic tapes, according to the company. These products feature high-level weathering properties and are resistant to UV-rays, heat, humidity and chemicals. Typical applications include cladding, muntin/SDL bars, truck body manufacturing, boat and RV building, sign mounting and fabrication, trim attachments in vehicles, furniture and buildings, and nameplate mounting.

Decorative Glass

Building with Pyramids

Nathan Allan’s newly created Pyramid Glass, is designed for large scale façade applications. With panels available up to 6 feet 6 inches by 11 feet, Pyramid Glass can cover an entire wall. Available in 15 pearlescent colors, Nathan Allan’s Pyramid Glass can be installed against other wall materials, for front side viewing only, or, when used as a partition, Pyramid Glass can also be viewed from both sides.


Drip Control

Strybuc now offers Irion America’s eXcePt310 “Drip Control” caulk gun which features a rubber-coated handle and trigger, anti-rust/scratch-proof barrel and built-in tip cutter. At a 19:1 thrust ratio, it dispenses various materials easily and is ideal for trade professionals, according to the company. The adjustable drip control technology can be activated by a switch on the handle. It can be ordered as Part #59-163.

Laminated Glass

A Show of Strength

Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR) from Viracon is a triple insulating glass-clad polycarbonate laminate makeup that has been tested as part of a complete glazing system to the Department of State FE/BR test method SD-STD-01.01 RV.G. It is available with the options of adding a solar performance coating as well as digital or silk-screen printing on the number two surface. It is available in sizes from 24 inches by 24 inches up to 60 inches by 108 inches. It’s possible to substitute the interior laminate with Viracon’s CyberShield laminate to meet ASTM F3057—Standard Test Method for Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Glazings.


A Rolling Billboard

All MyGlassTruck curtain-side glass trucks and trailers are now available with full coverage digitally printed curtains in full color. Companies can now leverage their glass trucks as rolling billboards, turning every delivery run into an advertising opportunity, according to the company. Designs may feature photos, illustrations and graphics. Constructed from double-weave polyester and reinforced around the wheels, MyGlassTruck curtains are durable and flexible under harsh conditions. Each curtain slides smoothly on ball bearing rollers in a one-piece rollers in a one-piece aluminum track and features quick release buckles and ratcheting front and rear tensioners for fast opening and closing.

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