Corrosion Protection

AkzoNobel’s Powder Coatings’ new Interpon Redox range offers customers a one-stop-shop which provides a simple route to maximum corrosion protection, according to the company. It covers a full array of substrates, surfaces and environments, including window frames, among others. Interpon Redox is currently available in Europe and will be launched in Asia and North America next year.

A Clear Touch

MetaShield recently released Nanoprint, an anti-fingerprint nanotechnology-based coating that reduces the appearance of fingerprints and smudges by as much as 70% according to the company. The coating is designed to increase flexibility and durability and can be applied with a one-coat spray and mild heat cure for a simple, rapid process. This sol-gel based formula can be used on a variety of products including buildings, storefronts and architectural glass to reduce the amount of cleaning time, according to the company.


Seamless Efficiency

Kawneer Co.’s new 1620UT SSG curtainwall system features a narrow sightline along with a polythermal separator and 1-inch thick insulating glass. There are several design options including a traditional captured look or a two-sided vertical SSG mullion solution. Both use concealed fasteners. To minimize installation time and labor, straight cuts without notching simplify fabrication, claims the company. A rainscreen pressure-equalized back pan option that uses spandrel adapters is also available. The system U-factors
range from 0.30 to 0.32 when using glass with a 0.24 center-of-glass value.


Movement Capability

Sika Corp.’s Sikaflex-510 AM50 is a one-component, low modulus, fast-curing and elastomeric hybrid sealant with a high movement capability of +/- 50%. The sealant is
suited for weather sealing window perimeters, joints or gaps connecting dissimilar substrates. It is also suitable for adhesion to non-porous substrates and applications that will require painting. Additionally, it meets ASTM C920, Class 50, has superior UV resistance and weathering, low VOCs, color retention and a fast skin time, according to the company.


A 360 Experience

HMI Cardinal’s new Cardinal360 Integrated Operations System is a highly integrated order entry and management system. It fully accommodates the shower enclosure customization process, from the moment a customer’s order is placed to the time it is shipped and right up to when it reaches the customer’s door. The order entry system
includes a detail-rich configurator, according to the company, with visuals of the various shower enclosure, hardware and glass options available. This ensures that every detail of the customer’s order is accurately processed. Full parts list and specifications are automatically generated by the Cardinal360 system to ensure order accuracy. A visual of the entire order is rendered and all details of the order are communicated to the customer via email, providing improved order visibility for customers. Each step in the manufacturing, packing and shipping process is tracked in real-time by
the system. It is currently undergoing nationwide rollout, with full West Coast implementation scheduled for 2020.


The Reverse Solution

The Tyrolit research and development department has created new grinding wheels, called Reverse, to prevent the stoppage of grinding machines due to built-up plastic waste during the lamination process. The slots on these new wheels— angled in opposite directions—are designed to fragment plastic waste into small shards that can easily drain away from the grinding area. The regular and effective removal of plastic shards has significant positive effects also on the diamond band of the grinding wheel. Once free of processing waste they can work without overheating. It also reduces wear of diamond wheels, improving tool life up to 30%.The new wheels also allow a 20% faster working speed compared to standard ones, according to the company.


Peaceful Protection

REHAU has several new products to offer. The System 4500 doors and windows are a high-performance solution for large openings in commercial and residential applications. Compression-seal technology, multipoint locking hardware and a glazing capacity of up to 35 mm, create a highly durable barrier against the exterior environment, according to the
company. The system has a simulated U-value as low as 0.17 and an acoustical rating up to STC 43/OITC 34. It also features a structural NAFS rating up to AW-PG100 and an impact rating up to DP65.

The Geneo tilt-turn door and window system is composed of high-tech Rau-Fipro propriety fiber-composite material. The system is highly rated for structural (AW-PG70), acoustical (STC 45/OITC), forced-entry resistance (FER Grade 20) and thermal insulation (U-value 0.13).

The company also offers its new casement Äspekt, designed to be installer-friendly, energy-efficient, and air- and water-tight. Compatible with both residential and commercial buildings, the system has frame depths from 3 ¼ to 3 ½ inches and a 1 3
/8-inch glazing capacity. The design accommodates direct-set glazing and allows for multi-lite configurations within one continuous frame.

Dynamic Glass

Light Powered by Light

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass has launched a single lite dynamic glass called MonoLite. This high-performance glass transitions from light to dark in response to solar heat and installs the same as traditional glass fitting glazing pockets as small as 6.3 mm. The company says that this type of glass is ideal for projects where insulating glass units cannot be used or when an existing frame for a single lite is preferred.

Machinery and Equipment

Space-Saving Solution

Matodi is offering the latest addition to the Neptun suite of automated processing solutions. The Quick 2 T8 160-30, is an all-in-one automatic vertical CNC milling and drilling workstation designed to save space, deliver high-speed accuracy, ease of use and low maintenance costs. It can drill, countersink, mill quickly with high precision, and execute notches and portholes on flat glass sheets with dimensions up to 62.9- by 118.11 inches. The CNC machine also features an open top that allows companies to work with glass sheets up to 94.5 inches in height. It is equipped with an automatic double tooling carousel featuring eight front and rear positions. With the ability to accept DXF files, the Quick 2 can execute all types of work on the entire surface of the glass sheet.

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