Laminate Aligned

The Genius LM range from Inter-mac is a dedicated laminate system designed to cover production needs up to 300 meters squared per shift. The 37 LM was developed for easy handling of glass sheets with a laser protector and maximum line of sight along the cutting line. The result is a consistent, high-quality cut with polyvinyl butyral always aligned with the glass, according to the company. A movable bridge with a measurement register that slides under the table allows total access to the work area, making it easy to move the glass sheets. The 37 LM also features tilt arms that automatically ex-tend and retract, requiring no manual adjustment by the machine operator.

Inspection Systems

Two Systems in One

LiteSentry of Northfield, Minn., and Stress Photonics of Madison, Wis., have collaborated on the development, manufacturing, sales and service of anisotropy inspection systems as an option to the Osprey Distortion and Flatness Inspection System by LiteSentry.

The integration of stress photonics technology into LiteSentry’s Osprey 8+ will allow tempered glass fabricators to scan for anisotropy online after the quench process and detect the maxi-mum reflective iridescence for every lite tempered. This allows for real-time adjustments to the furnace to reduce the reflective iridescence caused by anisotropy, according to the company.

The collaboration comprises two parallel inspection systems in one structure. The Osprey uses area scan CMOS cameras and reflected LED white light. The anisotropy option uses grey field polarimeter cameras by Stress Photonics and unique polarized transmitted light. The anisotropy inspection option is available on all Osprey 7 models, and is a standard feature on the Osprey 8+.

Glass Doors

A Door to Accessibility

The YSD 600 T from YKK AP America Inc. is a thermally-broken, low- threshold sliding glass door designed to enable architects and contractors to incorporate accessibility needs into their projects easily.

The YSD 600 T provides an additional entrance option for accessible design, and is particularly suited for multifamily, hotels, condominiums and multi-purpose buildings. It offers options for standard- or low-profile thresholds. Designed to provide enhanced structural capabilities without the need for added reinforcement, the YSD 600 T accepts standard tempered 1-inch-thick insulating units.


Lock In Control

Security Door Controls (SDC) is introducing a new concept in electrified mortise locksets with the MLR Z7600 Series motorized latch retraction mortise locksets. These are designed for access control in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities where code compliance, dependable operation and resistance to physical abuse are required.

MLR mortise locksets ensure the door stays latched even when unlocked, maintaining fire door integrity.

Protective Glazing

Up to Code

Insulgard Security Products announced that its new Torgard TTH600 window system is the first fully glazed window system certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet critical standards for use in tornado and hurricane storm shelters mandated by the 2015 International Building Code.

The Torgard TTH600 window system has been tested and certified by UL to meet the new ICC 500-14 and FEMA P-361-15 requirements for use in tornado- and hurricane-safe rooms and shelters, including in a 250-mile-per-hour wind zone.

The new enhancements to ICC 500 and FEMA P-361 include an increased safety factor of 1.2 times the design wind pressure. This results in test pressures of +292/-368 psf; testing of the smallest and largest size of each window configuration including pressure, debris impact and cycling; and mandatory certification/labeling by a nation-ally recognized testing laboratory that includes periodic quality inspection.

In addition, the new system is thermally broken and has been tested for bullet resistance meeting UL 752 levels 1-3.


Sprint Down the Line

Lisec’s new high-performance machine, SprintCut, features motive power engineering that cuts flat glass automatically.

With linear motive power engineering and an integrated measuring system, SprintCut ensures maximum cutting speed and dynamics. The maximum acceleration is approximately 16 meters per second squared and the maximum speed is 310 meters per minute.

The operation of the cutting table is made easier by a high degree of automation and new electronic controls. The cutting pressure control, grinding pressure control, monitoring of cutting oil consumption and cutting wheel wear are automated. As a preventative measure, the control system indicates pending replacements or fillings, thus reducing unplanned downtimes.

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