MyGlassTruck’s New Patriot

MyGlassTruck designed an 18-foot long Patriot body around a new Chevy Silverado 5500 HD to create a compact glass delivery vehicle with 14-inch wide outer ledges and up to 9,200 pounds of payload. The Silverado platform provides the user with a modern pick-up and the glass carrying capacity of a much larger vehicle, according to the company. The Patriot body is also available for the Ford F550, F450 and Ram 4500, 5500 trucks.

MyGlassTruck can install the Patriot LT on Class 3-5 trucks while the Patriot HD is available for Class 5 and higher chassis. Features of a Patriot include up to 10-foot high racks and extra deep ledges, with available lengths up to 28-feet for carrying extra-long or wide lites of glass. The company says it engineers the aluminum body and racks to weigh less and maximize payload capacity. The glass racks are made with custom aluminum extrusions for strength and durability, and the bodies are assembled with Huck aircraft-grade fasteners. A welded steel sub-frame supports the entire body and secures it to the vehicle’s chassis.

A flat deck with extra floor space provides access to the interior racks, and any surface that touches glass is covered in rubber for added protection. T-topped adjust-a-poles with neoprene cleats come standard for securing cargo of varying thickness. Optional E-track and straps are also available.

Lighting the Way

F. Barkow Inc. has announced an upgrade to all the LED running lights used on its pick-up truck glass racks, glazing bodies and glass transport bodies. Barkow says it has solid vendors in place to take full advantage of this technology. LED lights have a significantly longer lifespan than incandescent, are visibly brighter and use less energy, according to the company.


CRL Has a Sure-Grip

The CRL Sure-Grip 8-inch vacuum lifter is made for any job where glass handling is required. It provides “a strong, pump-activated grip that prevents glass from slipping during transport and installation,” according to the company, which adds that “it produces a superior lifting capacity of up to 150 pounds and features a convenient vacuum lock/release indicator for added safety.” The CRL Sure-Grip 8-inch vacuum lifter offers
a non-slip grip and rugged construction.


Cover to Cover

Quality Metalcrafts LLC/Americlad has released its newly designed column cover systems. The new designs offer a more economical method of manufacturing that ultimately reduces the overall cost of the product line, according to the company. The two systems available are the AC-10 reveal joint, and AC-20 hairline joint systems. Materials commonly used are aluminum plate, composite and stainless steel offered in various types of
finishes to meet the design criteria.


Heavy Lifting

SmartLift has introduced its SL1008, the largest glass lifter in its fleet. Capable of lifting up to 2,200 pounds, the SL1008 weighs 2,900 pounds and comes standard with the company’s new digital load sensor, hand-held remote control and dual vacuum systems. It fits through a double door and has an indoor/outdoor design. The SL1008 is ideal for use on large unitized panel jobs, according to the company.



Style Ensinger has created new insulbar shear-free profiles to minimize deformation in external metal doors exposed to temperature differentials. According to the company, insulbar shear-free insulating profiles reduce the impact differing linear expansion of inner and outer shells to keeps doors in their original shape. The shear-free’s minimum shear rigidity, low shear resistance, and high tensile strength help eliminate door sticking and/or bulging, regardless of external and interior temperature extremes, according to the company.


Express Transformation

The FuseCube Express is Diamon-Fusion International’s newest evolution of its FuseCube, a small, powerful, fast and compact machine with all the capabilities of the original version.

Geared to keep pace with any sized glass processor, FuseCube Express has quick run cycles, small load capacity, and unique design components for any sized manufacturers, according to the company.

Treating one to five lites in cycles that run less than 10-minute, the machine measures five feet wide and six feet in length, and has multi-run cartridges.

As with the company’s other automated machines, the FuseCube Express fuses the coating on both sides of the glass through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process, creating a high-performing, water-repellent surface.

The Right Angle

Bavelloni’s straight vertical grinding equipment includes two series of profiling machines called VE 350 and VE 500, with 6 to 11 wheels, for processing flat edge with arrises.

The VE 500 range includes two mitering models, VE 500 V10 and V14 for machining angles from 0- to 45- degrees. The VE 500 lines are available in the SCS series, equipped with the spindle control system for automatic adjustment of diamond and polishing wheels. The system allows the grinding wheels to remain adjusted automatically without manual operator intervention. The diamond spindles are motorized, and the pressure of the polishing wheels is electronically controlled by proportional valves.

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