Health and Safety Protection

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, glass and glazing industry companies have stepped up to provide protective barriers and solutions for businesses, retail locations and healthcare settings. This section highlights just some of those new developments. If your company has developed a related product, email the details and an image to Ellen Rogers at

Surface Protection

Access Door is partnering with Creative Hardware Manufacturing to exclusively offer CH Protect, Creative Hardware’s antimicrobial coating.

CH Protect is a colorless antimicrobial coating suitable for all architectural push/pull hardware styles and finishes. According to the company, this proprietary solution is the first EPA and FDA approved coating system that, once applied, provides continual protection from over 90 pathogens. Results from third-party testing have proven that there is a greater than 95% reduction in contamination levels on treated surfaces versus untreated, according to the company.

How to Keep Glass Surfaces Clean

Vitro Architectural Glass has published a new glass technical document titled “Decontaminating Glass Surfaces” (TD-154). Developed in response to customer questions related to glass handling and safety during the COVID-19 crisis, the five-page primer addresses various topics including:
• Using glass for protection and isolation in hygiene-critical environments;
• Machine-cleaning of glass;
• Localized cleaning of uncoated glass surfaces;
• Recommended cleaning procedures for coated glass surfaces; and
• Recommended products for glass cleaning.

According to Paul Bush, vice president, quality and technical services for Vitro Architectural Glass, because glass can be cleaned and sanitized easily, it has been used throughout history to protect human life during plagues, epidemics and pandemics. In addition, the float glass process is completely automated, which means architectural glass is produced without human contact.

“The unique characteristics and properties of glass make it an excellent material choice for interior spaces where easy-to-clean surfaces and physical barriers between people and their environments are required,” he says. “It is ideal for walls and partitions because it enables us to see what is on the other side of a barrier while protecting us from potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.”

Specialized applications for glass walls and partitions include isolation rooms, sterilization rooms, burn units, clinics, maternity wards, pharmacies, laboratories and more. The company adds that while glass products with specialized coatings such as Clarvista are not anti-bacterial, they can help ensure safe, hygienic surfaces in damp, humid environments because they do not rust or stain. Rust and stains can create cavities in which bacteria and viruses can dwell.

Protective Barriers for Small Business Owners

Allentown, Pa.’s Jack’s Glass is offering clear Plexiglas safety barriers for small businesses. According to the company, the panels are lightweight, easy to clean and easily disassembled and reassembled. The barriers are made from ¼-inch clear Plexiglas. Custom sizes are available.

Architectural Metals

Feeling Flushed

Americlad’s newly designed AC-6000 Flush Panel system provides an economical, single skin panel that can be manufactured in various gauges from either aluminum or steel substrates. The panel has a joint condition that allows for easy installation. The AC-6100 Reveal Flush Panel system allows reveals to be easily introduced into the panel. It can also be used for soffit applications.

Both systems offer an extensive color palette. Standard and custom color Kynar finishes are available as well as various anodized finishes.

Fire-Resistant Glazing

Over-Sized Openings

SAFTI FIRST now offers larger sizes of its advanced fi re-resistive glazing products. According to the company its SuperLite II-XLB 60 has successfully passed ASTM E-119/UL 263/ULC S101 testing and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) with a maximum clear view area of 10,000 square inches (125-inch maximum clear view width or height) in both fully captured and butt-glazed wall applications.

In addition, the two-hour fi re-resistive SuperLite II-XLB 120, also with butt-glazed wall capabilities, has a maximum clear view area of 7,980 square inches (133-inch clear view height or width).


Stay-Clean Solar Protection

Cardinal Glass Industries introduced Quad LoE-452+™, a four-layer silver coating that the company says offers the lowest emissivity within its family of LoE coatings. In addition to blocking 99% of UV rays and providing a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.22, the product also comes standard with Neat+™, a feature that’s designed to keep glass clean. Neat+ also incorporates titanium dioxide, which, according to company information, reacts to the sun’s UV rays in order to break down greenhouse gases. The product is said to repel 40% more dust than uncoated glass and has a photocatalytic activity that is 25% higher than the original version.


Roto Makes Inowa for Patio Doors

The Roto Patio Inowa hardware solution features a closing movement with positive control through the concealed locking points on all four sides. According to the company, the hardware provides a high level of impermeability and reduced energy costs for the user. The hardware system uses a continuous gasket system around the operable sash.

The Inowa opens smoothly, even with a heavy sash, thanks to its easy operation handle. It also has a gentle self-closing device in the sash frame. The smart hardware and concealed technology allow for narrow, straight-line profiles.

Machinery and Equipment

Erdman Unloads

Erdman Automation now offers a robot to unload its high speed IG line. The system reduces the chance of injury due to unloading large, heavy IG units. It can also be designed to unload all IG units and reduce the number of operators from 3-4 to 2-3. The robot is available for both Dura and flexible foam high speed IG lines. In addition to speed, other benefits include reduced floor space, reduced labor and improved quality, according to the company.

Under Pressure

Custom Glass Machinery has introduced GPM Automation’s Vetropure horizontal washing machine with 150 bar prewash. The company says this first-to-market high pressure prewash allows for effective removal of grinding fines left after automated double edging or seaming operations in automated lines. According to the company, Vetropure does not leave marks when removing grinding fines from low-E glass that has had the temporary protective films removed.


Precise Glass Options

Precision Glass Industries based in Houston offers a versatile line of fabricated glass products that can be used in a variety of applications types. The company’s products include tempered, heavy fabricated glass, laminated, backpainted and commercial insulating glass.

According to the company, it operates electric horizontal roller-hearth tempering lines that feature a high-powered top-and-bottom convection heating system that enables heat treatment of advanced coatings. The machines also feature an advanced and precise cooling system, helping to ensure minimum levels of iridescence and optimal glass flatness according to the company.

Shower Door Hardware

A Clean Look from Strybuc

Strybuc offers standard and heavy-duty frameless shower door hardware, including hinges, clamps, door handles and more.

Glass-to-glass and glass-to-wall mount hinges can accommodate tempered glass thicknesses from 5/16- to 1/2-inch and up to 55 pounds, and shower glass sizes up to 37-19/64 inches wide and to 77-5/8 inches high.

The hardware is available with square edges and beveled edges in bright chrome and brushed nickel finishes. Handles are made of stainless steel, and the rest of the line is made of solid brass with stainless steel screws.


A Patriot Addition

The Patriot LF is the newest addition to MyGlassTruck’s Patriot family of glass truck bodies. One side of the truck’s body features a glass rack, available in heights up to 10 feet. On the opposite side of the body is an optional cargo rack fabricated from steel that features four rows of E-track. These two racks sit on top of a flat-bed with room
for securing crates and other cargo. The Patriot LF body is available for class 3-5 trucks and can be built in lengths between 12 and 18 feet.

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