Decorative Glass

Genuine Gold

sedak can now print glass lites up to 129 by 708 inches with genuine gold and silver and a resolution of up to 1,024 dpi. The printing process allows fine details and filigree structures, according to sedak, adding that such detail lends to complex design ideas. The printing is done on float glass, with the gold or silver particles bound in a special solution and applied to the glass digitally. The metal bonds permanently to the glass during the tempering process. To protect the printed design from environmental influences or mechanical damage, the printed side is placed on the inside of the laminate toward the interlayer.


Versatile Fabrication

Precision Glass Industries in Houston offers a variety of fabricated glass products including tempered glass, frameless shower enclosures, heavy fabricated glass, laminated glass and commercial insulating glass.

According to the company, its tempering furnace handles coated glass, and its high-speed, vertical insulating glass line is used for manufacturing dual-seal insulating glass units for commercial applications. The company is also certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council and Safety Glazing Certification Council.


Safe Structures

Eastman Chemical Co. announced that laminated glass made with Saflex Structural (DG) interlayer has received General Construction Approval from the German Institute for Building Technology. The approval allows Saflex Structural to be used as an interlayer in the construction of laminated safety glass.

Saflex Structural (DG) interlayer is produced from plasticized polyvinyl butyral for structural glazing. It is designed specifically for applications requiring superior structural capacity, high uniform load capacity, increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion. According to the company, it is ideal for large glass and structural applications such as
railings, glass fins and glass floors. The interlayer is capable of keeping glass intact at high and low temperatures, even after impact and under load, according to the company.

Machinery & Equipment

Protecting the Product

PDS IG Equipment has introduced a temporary protective film application system for insulating and monolithic glass. The modular system can operate as a stand-alone system or be integrated into an existing insulating glass line. An accompanying module also can be included to score film automatically for simulated divided lites. The company reports the system detects glass size automatically and applies film with customer-desired cutback, requiring no user intervention. PDS offers the system for high-volume residential customers along with larger commercial size modules for the architectural market. Capable of applying film to more than 1,000 insulating glass units in a single shift, the system works with multiple films and film widths, according to the company.

Metal Coatings

ATAS Hits the Matte

ATAS International now stocks six new matte colors for architectural metal coatings. The low-gloss finish offers a look similar to natural metals, according to the company. The new palette includes matte black, thunder grey, anchor grey, ash grey, char brown and almond. The new matte colors will be stocked in .032 and .040 aluminum and 24-gauge steel; other gauges are available upon special request.

The matte finish has a 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating, the same coating used with all the ATAS painted colors. The only difference with the new matte colors is that the gloss level is 10 to 20 degrees, compared to a 30- to 40-degree gloss level with the standard colors. The coatings meet the requirement of AAMA 2605-13 and AAMA 620-02.

Personal Protective Equipment

Nothing Sticky

Banom Stikless 4 Gloves are designed to not leave a mark on glass or aluminum while also having a palm coating that won’t stick to caulk, glue or tape. Meeting ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Cut Level A4, the gloves are cut-resistant and are ideal for the glass and window industry, according to the company.

Protective Glazing

Insulgard’s New Glaze

Insulgard Security Products has introduced its new Stormdefend TTH350 door system. According to the company, this is the first UL-certified glazed aluminum door system to meet standards for use in tornado and hurricane storm shelters mandated by the 2015 International Building Code.

The Stormdefend TTH350 door system meets ICC 500-14 and FEMA P-361-15 requirements for use in tornado and hurricane safe rooms and shelters, including in the 250-mph wind zone, as well as UL 752 levels 1-3 for bullet resistance.

Quiet Riot

Saf-Glass specializes in protection against forced entry, including tools such as those used in riots. It has unique glassclad polycarbonate make-ups that will fit into most all-existing frames. Depending on customer needs and requirements, the company’s glass ranges from thicknesses starting at 5/16 inches and can be customized to meet specific needs. The standard 9/16-inch thickness also comes with a bomb-blast testing certification.

The company adds that its security laminates also protect against threats to schools, businesses, government buildings and more. Security laminates range from bullet- and bomb-resistant threat levels to hurricane, tornado FEMA, and Fire UL-9.

Shower Doors

Eurotech Brings Us to Avalon

Eurotech Showers has debuted a new model designed specifically with the glass industry in mind. The new model, named Avalon, features a patent-pending design that includes two 2.4-inch rollers, two 2.4-inch anti-jump pins that bypass through compression standoff, a 12-inch ladder style handle with 5/8-inch knobs on the backside and glass grippers incorporated into wall brackets.

Compared to traditional sliding barn doors, the new design requires less metal fabrication and easy installation.

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