Machinery and Equipment

Lift with Ease

Now all of Wood’s Powr-Grip’s P1 vacuum lifters are equipped with Intelli-Grip technology. According to the company, with Intelli-Grip, the system continuously monitors the lifter to reduce human error, diagnose needed maintenance and repairs, and anticipate threats to ensure a safe work environment. Intelli-Grip automatically runs equipment tests so the lifter is always ready for immediate use, while its color display offers a breakdown of helpful information at a glance.

Don’t Turn from this Quick Turnaround

The Denver Advance is an all-in one vertical computer numerical control (CNC) work center available from Salem Flat Glass & Mirror. According to the company, the Advance is a true vertical alternative to horizontal work centers. The machine features a Hot-Zinc-coated structure, user-friendly software interface and double fan-cooled electro-spindles, front and rear. It has automatic rotating tool magazines with 12 positions for the front electro-spindle and ten positions for the rear, as well as an ideal working envelope of 118-1/8 inches by 59 inches. The machine is capable of edging, notching, countersinking and polishing (optional), while featuring a small footprint. Ideal for quick-turnaround production, the Advance can be used for doors, showers, staircases, balustrades and partitions, furniture and laminated glass components.

A New Direction for Lifting

Bailey Specialty Cranes & Aerials has introduced the Brandon 10, a versatile lifting machine that just became bigger than before. The Brandon 10 is designed to make a high-placement glass construction easy. Using the glass lifter attachment, it can reach a height of 37  feet. The new lifter has a hoist capacity of 10,000 pounds, and 2,000 pounds of capacity with the glass attachment. The Brandon 10 can be operated with a radio remote control or can be configured with a cab. It is equipped with omni-directional steering, enabling the machine to crab-steer 90 degrees as well as spin in place or operate in two-wheel mode. The winch, forks, robot, and man-basket allow the machine to do the work of several people, according to the company.


A Film for Short-Term to Long-Term Projects

Surface Armor offers temporary protective films and tapes that protect commercial glazing architectural systems from jobsite damages, all delivered with quick lead times. Window Armor 60 is a 1.4-mm thick, light transparent blue LDPE film that is rated for up to 60 days of UV exposure. It is available in up to 72-inch-wide rolls and is ideal for short projects. Window Armor 180 is a 3-mm-thick film rated for up to 180 days of UV exposure. It is also available in up to 72-inch-wide rolls. Window Armor 180 works with most PVDF paints and is ideal for mid-term projects. Window Armor 365 is also 3-mm thick. The transparent blue PVC film is rated for up to 365 days of UV exposure. It is available in up to 48-inch-wide rolls and is ideal for long-term projects.


Windows with Variety

St. Cloud Window’s (SCW) 3000 series is a new line of historic replication/narrow sightline windows and terrace doors. It is designed around a three-inch frame that is engineered to maintain a narrow sightline profile, yet facilitate the structural needs of large window openings and maintain the historic integrity required for land-mark properties. The series is avail-able for awning, hopper, casement and fixed applications, as well as floating vent fenestrations that are common in buildings of historic significance.

The SCW 3000 series replaces the SCW 2500 series. Sightlines are virtually identical, but include many more options for muntin shapes, mullions, hardware and other accessories, ac-cording to the company.

The new window offers sound trans-mission ratings up to 45 STC and 36 OITC (without the need for an acoustic interior panel), and thermal values ranging from .23 – .31 U-values and .16 – 36 SHGC values.


A System for All

FeneVision CRM from FeneTech is a centralized system for scheduling activities with customers or prospects. Users can record the details of all interactions including tasks, phone calls, notes and appointments. FeneVision CRM also allows users to track lead sources and report customers’ activities using desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. The company’s FeneVision LineScanner, powered by Softsolution, has the ability to check anisotropy and edge stress in addition to geometry, surface quality and DMC codes. FENml (fenestration manufacturing language) is a baseline communication standard that uses the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 concepts to allow all stakeholders (fabricators, ma-chine manufacturers, software providers and suppliers) to “speak” the same language, according to the company.

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