Decorative Glass

The Golden Touch

Advanced digital printing allows Tvitec to create a new line of glass that crystalizes gold, platinum and other precious metals onto tempered and laminated glass. Tvitec Gold includes a selection of designs and representations upon glass surfaces, both in flat and curved glass.

High-purity gold or platinum nanoparticles are used to create the Jetver Luxury paint line, a mixture refined by Tecglass, the company’s supplier for the digital printing of this product, according to the company.


Clear Views

Starphire Ultra-Clear glass by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) can be used in a variety of exterior applications. For façades, curtainwalls and commercial windows, Solarban Starphire glass can provide a 2 to 4% improvement in visible light transmittance compared to coated conventional clear glass. Starphire can also be used for specialty and decorative exterior applications, including dichroic, acid-etched and bird-safe glasses. For spandrel glass applications, true whites, pastels and earth-tone opacifiers can also be used on Starphire without the green hue often found in ordinary clear glass.

Glass Handling

A New Grip

Designed for use with a Wood’s PowrGrip model MRT4 or MRTA8 lifter, the MRT Dolly Stock 98790 option is designed to move the lifter around a jobsite easily. Lifter and extension arm mounts hold equipment in place securely with cotterless hitch pins. It has a compact design for storage in tight spaces, and solid-core tires that require minimal maintenance, according to the company. In addition, it has built-in handles that help ease lifting into or out of a vehicle when not in use. Its fixed axel can also be used as a handle.

Acoustical Glazing

An Acoustic Set for St. Cloud

St. Cloud Window Inc. has launched a new SCW 4000 Series window. The AW-PG70 window has a 4-inch frame depth, polyamide thermal barrier, accommodates insulating glass up to 1.25 inches with certified acoustic performance STC 28-51, OITC 22-42, and U-values to 0.35. The SCW 4000 Series is designed to accommodate the demand for acoustic performance and high thermal efficiency to both buildings and occupants and is available in a vertical sliding, horizontal sliding and fixed configuration.

St. Cloud says the SCW4000 Series has been tested by certified and accredited test laboratories to the United States and Canadian standards.

Machinery And Equipment

A New Edge

Lattuada manufactures a line of bevelling machines, including its Gamma 713-624 PC, which it describes as reliable, low maintenance and durable. The models, developed for medium to high productions, have a 10-inch touch-screen on the control panel for setting adjustments such as glass thickness, bevel inclination and edge thickness.

Spindles are not directly connected to electric motors to allow a homogeneity of rotation and to avoid the vibrations.

The conveyor is composed of metal pads covered by a special self-lubricating material to reduce the friction, according to the company, adding that the system has no bearings, providing fast and inexpensive maintenance.

Moveable Glass Walls

A Whole New Fold

The Palisades S90 bi-folding door is one of the newest developments from CRL. It features a slim 4 3/4-inch sightline, 12-foot maximum frame height, and completely concealed hinges with minimal hardware to maximize views.

With a CW40 performance grade rating, the bi-folding door is ideal for exterior residential and commercial applications where large openings, high loading requirements, deflection limits, and heavy use are expected, according to the company.

The doors have bottom rolling panels to simplify installation, compensating channels and adjustable spacers and a 1/16-inch (+/-) adjustable roller height. They also sport a thermally broken frame and 1-inch insulating glass and stainless steel components.

Solar Glazing

NSG Brings the Power

In a two-year-old joint development agreement, Pilkington North America, an NSG Group subsidiary, and Ubiquitous Energy (UE), a manufacturer of transparent solar technology, have developed a fully transparent, energy-generating window featuring UE Power.

UE’s transparent photovoltaic technology was recently installed at the NSG facility in Northwood, Ohio. According to NSG, this building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology transforms an average window into a solar cell that generates electricity. UE’s transparent photovoltaic coating adds what the company calls an “invisible” element of power generation by capturing non-visible wavelengths and creating a window that acts as a photovoltaic cell without obstructing the view. UE Power collects and transmits electricity through an onboard system built into the window frame. The collected electricity is then transferred to a battery capable of powering a variety of products, which the companies say increases the overall energy efficiency of a building. The windows can be used in addition to solar cells on a rooftop.

The UE Power installation in Northwood takes technical data points from the site, such as wind speed, light exposure, and outside temperature. In a full installation, the data could then be used to integrate with the building’s system controls to determine how to best utilize the power in the operation of the building. The site will use the BIPV system to power exterior signage and lighting, though the companies say a larger installation could potentially offset significant building power consumption.

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