Vitro Debuts Solarban R77 Glass

Vitro Architectural Glass, formerly PPG Glass, has launched Solarban R77 solar control, low-E glass, a neutrally reflective, silver-blue glass designed to offer building-code-friendly solar performance. According to the company, the new glass is more subtle than Solarban R100, but more pronounced than Solarban 67 glass.

With a magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating, Solarban R77 glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25 in a clear 1-inch insulating glass unit. Vitro says it also offers visible light transmittance of 47% in the same configuration, and exterior reflectance of 25%.

Available through the Vitro Certified Network, Solarban R77 glass can be coated on conventional clear glass, Acuity low-iron glass, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass and its entire line of tinted glass. Solarban R77 must always be heat-treated, even for laminated applications commonly suited for annealed glass, according to the company.

Machinery & Equipment

Unelko Has a New Invisible Shield

Unelko Corp. has launched its Invisible Shield Microburst vertical two-sided glass coating machine, which it designed together with Perfect Score Technologies. The compact, high output, two-sided automatic coating machine utilizes ultraviolet and infrared curing to instantly form a molecular bond and protective coating on the glass.

The machine protects glass with a Nano Scale hydrophobic coating that seals, preserves and protects glass against water, soil and stains, scratches, pitting and corrosion. It can coat up to 60 inches per minute and has a height capacity of 84 inches of glass treated in one minute. The machine can treat more than 7 million square feet of glass per year.

Bird-Friendly Glass

GlasPro Goes to the Birds

GlasPro Inc. has expanded its Bird Safe line with 12 new solutions. The product line includes ultraviolet reflective, ceramic frit, and acid-etched pattern glass, which meet the industry standard two-by-four rule for preventing bird collisions, or are highly-ranked by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) as effective bird collision deterrents, according to the company.

With an ABC Avoidance Index (AI) of 79%, GlasPro says its ultraviolet reflective pattern glass exceeds the minimum standard of 70% for effective bird collision deterrent materials. In sunny conditions, the product’s AI is 84%.

GlasPro’s frit pattern glass can reduce the transmission of light and heat while providing design detail on a building. The Bird Safe Frit patterns include white ceramic dots covering 20% of the glass, 1/8-inch vertical and horizontal lines on the outermost surface.

In addition, GlasPro also is a sales and fabrication partner of Walker AviProtek, a bird-friendly solution with acid-etched patterns on the outside surface.

Interior Glass

Laurier Architectural Made a Purespace

Laurier Architectural, a Novatech Group company, now has a line of protective glass screens called Purespace. The glass screens are supported by steel brackets, are hygienic, durable and recyclable, and can be used in public spaces such as stores, restaurants, clinics, offices and schools.

The screens are currently distributed in four models: 30 by 24 inches, 24 by 30 inches, 36 by 30 inches and 30 by 48 inches, with options to open/close, tempering or lamination and customization, such as glass printing, dimensions, cut and finish.

Glass Handling

Lifting Blues

The VacLift Blue Machine from Blue Water Engineering in Australia is a Class 1 lifter that offers 100,000 cycles. The company designs and manufactures pad seals for grip and optimal cold/hot operations, and says it has the ability to work with very heavy and large materials. The unit can also be hung on a crane.

The company has a diagnostic plug-and-play system to help keep the lifter on-site. VacLift crane lifters can lift flat, concave/convex and curved glass, and are available in the U.S. through Terra Safe Products/Vaclift.

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