Architectural Product Spotlight

The cancelation of the 2021 American Institute of Architects National Convention may keep us from seeing the industry’s newest architectural products in person, but USGlass is still highlighting some of the latest and greatest right here. From glass and railings, doors and windows, hardware and more, in this month’s Showcase department, we’re bringing you a look at just some of the industry’s newest developments in architectural glazing products.


Pulp Studio is on the Precision Edge

Precision Edge technology from Pulp Studio is the company’s proprietary process for creating a high quality, zero-tolerance finish for both tempered and annealed laminated glass handrails. The company offers a warranty on its edge work for post-tempering fabrication.

New Neutral in Solar Performance

Viracon’s VRE-3117 is a high-performance solar control architectural glass coating, offering a Visible Light Transmission of 31% and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.17. The low-E coating features minimal exterior reflectance and bright neutral cool-graphite reflected tones. According to the company, it can be used to meet the requirements of architects and designers for neutral coatings with high performance, and less exterior reflectance than previous VRE generations.

Silver Blues

Solarban R77 glass by Vitro Architectural Glass was developed to offer new design possibilities with its neutral-reflective aesthetic, and is ideal for façade and curtainwall designs that capture the visual character of the ambient environment. On the building exterior, Solarban R77 glass offers silver-blue transmitted color. On the interior, it delivers views of the outdoors with neutral daylighting. According to the company, in a clear 1-inch insulating glass unit the glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25, visible light transmittance of 47% and exterior reflectance of 25%.

Architectural Metal

Custom Metal Options

Americlad LLC offers a range of standard and custom painted aluminum sheet for forming requirements. The material can be supplied for a range of metal thicknesses ranging from .04 inches to .125 inches. Custom color matches can be done in nearly any color required, whether in a solid, mica or metallic finish. Americlad also offers fully fabricated packages where metals can be post painted.

Not a Scratch

AkzoNobel has launched Trinar TC, a new PFOA-free PVDF coil coating system that provides increased scratch, abrasion and stain resistance across diverse applications, including building and construction.

Tailored to the coil coating market, Trinar TC is formulated from AkzoNobel’s latest proprietary resin and pigment formulation technology to strengthen product performance and hardness, providing what the company calls increased resistance to abrasions and scratches during and after transport, fabrication and installation. It also offers improved stain resistance and durability, the company says.


Atlas Glass Truck Body

The Atlas truck body from MyGlass Truck combines the power and maneuverability of a pickup truck and the easy loading and large payload of a glass truck body. The truck body is available for most major brand bed-delete pickup trucks in all cab configurations. It offers continuous 9 feet to 10 feet length exterior racks with 5-inch usable ledges and an interior platform with additional racks to be accessed by a rear step bumper. The aluminum Atlas truck body includes glass poles with rubber cleats and is
available with an optional sign panel, metal carrier, E-track and poles with yellow cleats.


Pricing Connections

Mainstreet’s Shower Door Pricer is an add-on feature to the MobilePRO app that can be used for estimates. Technicians can choose multiple shower configurations, enter dimensions and receive pricing on site. Shower Door Pricer is user-friendly and includes features to assist in shower door pricing. MobilePRO allows techs to accept deposits, take pictures and collect signatures on the app.

Glass Railings

A Modern Metropolis

The new Metropolis post windscreen system from C.R. Laurence (CRL) is designed to offer seamless transparency with an ultra-slim ¾-inch face trim while meeting stringent code requirements. It has a low-profile aesthetic, and provides wind protection and safety while maximizing exterior views, according to the company. An eight-foot maximum system height offers the option to create a glass wall in higher elevations. Applications include rooftops, terraces, swimming pools, and outdoor dining areas. Various post heights, configurations and finishes enable a custom-made specification. The Metropolis design meets the wind load requirements set forth in IBC 2018 and ASCE-7/16.

Switchable Film

Glass in a Single Location

Scienstry Inc. now offers 3G switchable window film, which the company says offers adjusted transparency settings, ability to block UV and infrared rays and save energy.

The product can be used in a variety of applications. It is the latest generation of switchable film and has functions to save, project and protect, according to the company.


Mobile and Touchless Access

Dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solutions and Touchless Access Solutions are designed to help reduce hand-to-door contact in high contact public areas. The Mobile Access Solutions are end-to-end mobile credential applications using bluetooth low energy (BLE) for the company’s mobile enabled RFID locks. Properties can issue and manage keys on mobile devices to access rooms so visitors only touch their smartphone to check in, check
out, or ride the elevator.

Glass Fabrication

Midwest Glass Fabricators Delivers

Midwest Glass Fabricators specializes in the commercial application of glass, glass hardware and composite panels. All products are produced in a single location for shorter lead times, and they also have a distribution center in Kentucky. The company says it can provide, “almost anything you can think of with tempered and annealed glass,” for interior and exterior use.

Tools and Supplies

Stillmore in SweepSaver

Stillmore LLC has developed the patented SweepSaver tool, designed for cutting frameless shower door soft-leg sweeps and seals. According to the company, the SweepSaver’s balanced design allows users to cut straight through a vinyl leg, leaving a smooth, even cut in seconds. The SweepSaver has six height options in 1/16th inch increments and comes in a bright color. It’s made from ABS Polymer to decrease floor damage if dropped, and can be used by both right and left-handed installers.

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