Protection from High Winds

In many regions where high windloads are a key factor in designing windows, outward opening windows are popular thanks to their tight seal. Roto FS Kempton four-bar hinges are designed to ensure that window sashes can be opened outward in a controlled and safe manner, even in strong winds. The hinges can be used on PVC, timber and aluminum windows and feature a unique asymmetric location design, which utilizes the full width of the sash arm. According to the company, this allows the hinge to achieve early collection of the end point and ensure a secure, weather-tight seal for the window. A low-friction end cap automatically directs the end point smoothly and firmly toward the closed position.

Available in both 300 series stainless steel and 400 series stainless steel, the hinges are easy to install and designed to give the maximum accommodation to window manufacturing tolerances. www.rotonorthamerica.com

Withstand Heavy Traffic

Access Hardware Supply (AHS) recently expanded its lines of Rixson floor closers and pivots for exterior and interior, high-traffic heavy doors. According to the company, Rixson floor closers are ideal for historical buildings—as they have a long service life and are out of view. www.accesshardware.com

Self- and Soft-Closing Hardware

Kenwa has unveiled the NSC-G series glass sliding door closer. The hardware adds a self-closing and soft-closing feature to sliding glass doors. The NSC-G series provides full-range self-closing capability. Utilizing a spring wire device and rotary gear damper, it offers dual-speed control, allowing the user to adjust both the self-closing and soft-closing speeds. Installation is easy and does not require a hot work/electric power source. The system includes a pull spring device, rotary damper device, two glass hangers, door stopper, installation accessories, and rail track. www.kenwa-america.com

Machinery and Equipment

Do More with Less

Glasslam’s WorldSpacer ZIGzag conveyor reduces the overall production line by more than 60 feet. Now insulating glass fabricators need less than 50 feet in length and under 1,000 feet squared to produce up to 100 feet per minute of their own stainless steel-backed flexible spacers, according to the company. The ZIGzag conveyor allows fabricators to achieve this in “just-in-time” fashion for two to four automated insulating glass lines. www.glasslam.com

Laminate Cutting Made Simple

Carlson Design’s PTi-108-inch glass lamination cutting systems use clean cutting technology to accurately nest and cut a wide variety of lamination interlayers, including polyvinyl butyral, ethylene vinyl acetate and SentryGuard Plus. According to the company, the systems turn cutting into an entry-level job, cut cleanly with few re-cuts, have less post-trimming and offer material yield improvements by 15 to 35 percent. www.carlsondesign.com

Double the Speed

The Erdman High Speed Dura line produces insulating glass (IG) vertically in a fashion that nearly doubles the speed of traditional vertical lines, according to the company. Vertical production can help eliminate the need to tip a unit up to four times in the production sequence. This saves time, eliminates injury potential, qualifies more operators for service and minimizes breakage. The total labor for the Dura High Speed line is three to four operators per 1,200+ units per shift. Other innovations and benefits include reduced floor space, reduced labor and higher-quality product. www.erdmanautomation.com


No Space for PIB Movement

The Viracon Thermal Spacer (VTS) is a new thermal spacer technology that replaces the traditional combination of metal spacer, desiccant and primary sealant with a high-performing single component. Its seal integrity is sup-ported by a 12-year limited warranty.

The proprietary formulation of VTS consists of a black thermoplastic elastomer with integrated desiccant and primary sealant that is chemically bonded directly to the glass and secondary sealant. The primary seal has 35-percent better argon retention and increased stability in extreme hot or cold temperatures. The extrusion method for the thermoplastic material results in a smooth, continuous, matte black finish without shine, perforation marks or seams, according to the company. In addition, there is no separate polyisobutylene (PIB) component so there’s no PIB movement. In addition, edge deletion is placed within the VTS, helping improve the edge-of-glass aesthetics. Thermal performance is 14.4-percent better than aluminum spacers and condensation resistance is notably higher, according to the company.

VTS is available in a range of thicknesses, and units produced with VTS include argon fill. VTS is available in insulating glass unit sizes up to 130 inches by 236 inches and can be combined with other fabrication options including lamination, silk-screen or digital print, as well as Viracon’s broad selection of proprietary glass coatings. www.viracon.com

Door Panels

A Panel to a New World

The panel door series by G-Fittings is a new environmentally responsible modular partition wall system that offers a minimalist profile, lightweight aluminum skeletons and transparent glass. A glass office partition, wall and door system, the series delivers both form and function for conference rooms or throughout an entire office.

It has a flexible leveling system ans is compatible with other G-Fittings products. The series is adaptable, versatile, and installation-friendly, and features a slim-line appearance with frameless panels and sleek metallic hardware.

According to the company, the panel door series may contribute toward LEED certification because its design leverages both recycled and recyclable materials. www.g-fittings.com


The Wooden Way

Loewen has added timber curtainwall to its product line. The energy-efficient wood frame curtainwall combines the interior warmth of wood with environmental performance and beautiful expansive views. The company uses clear Douglas Fir for all pillars and beams, with engineered core glue-laminated lay-ups. Every unit is custom-designed and built to order. The 2-inch-wide curtainwall system can be designed as a load-bearing system. The all-wood interior, thermally broken curtainwall system allows operable windows and doors to be incorporated anywhere along it. Exterior cladding is available in Loewen palette-matching AAMA 2605 paint or AAMA 611 anodized. Glazing options include monolithic, dual- and triple-glazed options and are available in standard low-E coating offerings. www.loewen.com

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