Interlayer Materials

An Optical Interlayer

Increasing demand for decorative glass installations that give a room or office a unique look has driven the growth of SWM’s ArgoBond EVA optical interlayers. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) interlayer films are suitable for glass-to-glass applications due to their optical clarity, good strength, long-term reliability (heat, humidity and UV durability) and low-temperature lamination, according to the company. Their low-melt viscosity allows for bubble-free or void-free lamination of complex decorative media. These qualities also make them ideal for bonding switchable film laminates in smart-glass applications, another use of EVA films.


Maintaining Historic Integrity

St. Cloud Window Inc. has introduced the SCW3000 Series, a new line of historic replication/narrow sightline windows and terrace doors. The SCW3000 Series is designed around a 3-inch frame engineered to maintain a narrow sightline profile while facilitating the structural needs of large window openings and maintaining the historic integrity required for landmark properties. It is available for awning, hop-per, casement and fixed applications, as well as floating vent fenestrations that are common in buildings of historic significance. The SCW 3000 Series replaces the SCW 2500 Series. Sightlines are virtually identical, but there are additional options for muntin shapes, mullions, hardware and other accessories. The new window offers the same performance test data as the company’s other high-performing product lines with sound transmission ratings up to 45 sound transmission class and 36 outdoor–indoor transmission class (without the need for an acoustic interior panel), and thermal values ranging from 0.23 to 0.31 U values and 0.16 – 0.36 solar heat gain coefficient values.

Spartan Storm Protection

CGI, part of the PGT Innovations family of brands, has launched Sparta, a value-custom, impact-resistant window line. Through extensive market research and careful examination of its product portfolios, PGT Innovations saw a need for an affordable, value-custom, impact-resistant window option for its customers. According to the company, the Sparta product line provides 24/7 storm-ready protection without the need for plywood or storm shutters.

Dynamic Glass

Use Your Voice to Control Glare

SageGlass is now able to integrate with Amazon Echo to provide occupants with a more user-friendly experience while helping to streamline operational efficiencies. Occupants can now control the dynamic glass’ tint via voice commands to optimize daylight and out-door views while preventing heat gain and glare. This offering is expected to be integrated into larger building management systems so building owners and facilities managers can manage Sage-Glass along with other voice-enabled smart devices in the building. According to the company, Sage-Glass’ integration with Amazon Echo provides occupants with additional flexibility so they can control the dynamic tinting of the glass without the need for facilities management intervention, a wall switch or mobile app. Occupants can make statements such as “Alexa, ask SageGlass to reduce glare,” or “Alexa, ask SageGlass to let the warm sunshine in,” and watch the glass tint in accordance with the command.Integration capability is available for all installations completed after May 2018.

Impact-Resistant Glazing

A Fire-Rated and Bullet- Resistant Collaboration

To expand security glazing options in fire conditions, Technical Glass Products (TGP), a brand of Allegion, and The LTI Group are now working together to offer Pilkington Pyrostop laminated to School Guard Glass. The fire-rated, forced-entry and bullet-resistant transparent wall panel is de-signed to help delay intruders while maintaining a high level of fire and life safety in schools and education facilities. It is fire-rated for up to 120 minutes, offers a Level III bullet-resistance rating and withstands 12-plus-minute forced entry attacks in compliant doors and frames. In addition to forced-entry and bullet-resistance, Pilkington Pyro-stop laminated to School Guard Glass meets the impact requirements of CPSC 16 CFR1201 Category I and/or Category II. It fits in Fireframes HeatBarrier Series doors and frames from TGP, and is available for use in compliant frames by others. The combined Pilkington Pyrostop and School Guard Glass glazing assembly is classified and labeled with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for doors, windows, sidelites and transoms. It is available for use in interior and exterior products.


Space with a Single Component

Viracon Thermal Spacer (VTS) is a new thermal spacer technology. VTS replaces the traditional combination of metal spacer, desiccant and primary sealant with a single component. The proprietary formulation of VTS consists of a black thermoplastic elastomer with integrated desiccant and primary sealant that is chemically bonded directly to the glass and secondary seal.


Quick and Simple

Solar Innovations has introduced the Quick Release Cladding System for fenestration frames. The new system is designed for interior protected environments for fenestrations such as doors, windows, skylights or curtainwalls. This cladding is installed by pushing it into place over the framing of the installed door, window, etc. To remove, the installer pushes up on the cladding to unlock it and pull it away from the framing. With the new Quick Release Cladding System, the frame is removed from the fenestration as a single unit rather than individual pieces.


Sustainable Coat

ICD High Performance Coatings’ Opaci-Coat-300, a sustainable silicone water-based spandrel glass coating, is now listed on Product MasterSpec. The coating can be sprayed, roller- or curtain-coated on to glass and dried by water evaporation, curing the silicone to the glass surface. It does not break down when exposed to UV rays, and the silicone surface can be repaired if scratched in the field. Opaci-Coat-300 is applied to glass after tempering, which prevents color shifts brought about by very high heat and results in predictable color for spandrel glass, ac-cording to the company.

Shower Enclosures

The Phantom Door

The Titan series Phantom from 310 Tempering features an all glass, double rail header system made from three pieces of 3/8-inch low-iron tempered glass laminated together using two pieces of structural interlayer. This patent-pending design has been tested extensively to ensure safety and durability. In the unlikely event that the two outer rails were to break, the doors will remain hanging and will slide open to allow occupants to exit.

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