Distinctive Transparency

Multitech G is the latest generation of rigid spacer profiles engineered by the Glass Alliance labs. They are made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer enhanced with a special metal-free transparent multi-layer barrier. Multitech G offers indoor comfort, energy-efficiency and low CO2 emissions. The transparency of the multi-layer barrier makes it possible to maintain the original color of the spacer profile on all sides. Multitech G comes in widely-used thicknesses and in several colors: black, light grey, titanium grey and white.

Stainless and Eco Spacers

Perfection Plastics is the exclusive American manufacturer and distributor of WorldSpacer and EcoSpacer warm edge options for commercial and residential insulating glass (IG) manufacturing. WorldSpacer and Eco-Spacer are silicone free and available in exact metric and imperial sizes from ¼ inch to 2 inches with matte black finishes. Using 3A molecular sieve desiccant they can achieve up to 10 percent moisture adsorption. According to the company, both foam spacers work well with manual or automated IG production lines. WorldSpacer is the first stainless steel flexible polyurethane spacer; its stainless steel vapor barrier adheres to all sealants and allows for eliminating up to 80 percent of secondary sealant costs. EcoSpacer is a residentially oriented flexible polyurethane foam spacer with an economical and eco-friendly metalized polyester vapor barrier.


It Comes Standard

The Everlam Clear PVB interlayer for laminated glass complies with the Florida building code for high-velocity hurricane zone applications. It has passed all testing required by Miami-Dade Country’s Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources for compliance with ASTM D 635, ASTM D 1929, ASTM D 638, ASTM D 2843 and ASTM G 155. Everlam Clear PVB has been granted a Notice of Acceptance for high-velocity hurricane applications.

Shower Door Systems

Elliptical Door Swing

Frameless shower door systems traditionally consist of hinged glass doors with fixed sidelites, or sliding glass doors with a header. C.R. Laurence’s new Clear Space elliptical shower door system features a patent-pending top door guide that produces an industry-first elliptical door swing. This increases usable floor space because the door is drawn inward as it swings open. Clear Space’s unique top door guide automatically folds away from the opening and stacks parallel to the sidewall to provide unobstructed entry. Door outswing projection is reduced by approximately 45 percent for a typical 36-inch wide opening. The additional space gives architects and designers more flexibility when laying out essential bathroom elements. Two elliptical doors can be specified to create a shower entrance up to 72 inches wide, which improves accessibility. Clear Space’s minimal use of hardware also offers all-glass visuals.

Lifting and Handling Equipment

A Sturdy Lift

Bohle America’s Veribor aluminum suction lifter with priming pump has a high load capacity for handling large objects. This pump-activated suction lifter is made of sturdy aluminum. The handle features a non-slip coating and the rounded pump tappet enables quick and easy operation, according to the company. In addition, its red ring guarantees permanent visual monitoring of the vacuum.

Delivering Range

Salem Flat Glass & Mirror’s hand cups and vacuum lifters include the MRT4 Lifter Series from Wood’s Power-Grip. With three frame configurations, 90-degree tilt and continuous 360-degree rotation, this Powr-Grip vacuum lifter series delivers versatility and range of motion in the shop or at the construction site. Dual vacuum models are now available with Intelli-Grip technology, which automatically monitors vacuum and power systems to maximize productivity, help reduce human error, simplify maintenance and repair, and protect employees and property from harm, according to the company.


Safety Compliance Tool

As the second of two new OSHA respirable crystalline silica regulations and a new OSHA beryllium regulation take effect, companies are faced with the challenge of creating written plans for how they will comply with the new standards. With these regulations, Wichita, Kan.-based iSi Environmental, an environmental, health and safety solutions company, saw the opportunity for an easier, alternate path to compliance. That solution is the recently launched Through a series of quick questions, the website generates a personalized plan for users based on their specific needs. An online portal allows for changes and stores all compliance documentation in one place. In order to give users a feel for the new site, is currently offering its plans for OSHA’s new general industry and construction silica regulations free of charge. More plans will come in the future for the new beryllium regulation, as well as existing regulations such as hexavalent chromium and respiratory protection. For all plans, compliance review services and verification are available from iSi Environmental for a fee. This gives the user access to an experienced professional to double-check the plan to ensure all elements are covered. Additionally, the professional may give suggestions for additional elements to consider based on the user’s specific operations, further customizing the plan to meet the user’s needs.

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