Machinery: Washing, Drying

Vertical Washer for Insulating Glass

HHH Equipment Resources now offers the IGis 3-in-1 vertical washer that loads, washes and dries insulating glass. The washer handles glass thicknesses from 3 to 12 mm (3 to 40 mm optional), automatically detects glass thickness, and adjusts the brushes accordingly. The machine has low-E coating detection and three pairs of brushes (four optional)
powered individually. Air knives work with the high-pressure blower to remove all contaminants for optimal drying and clean glass.

Bavelloni Goes OT

The Bavelloni VW 1600 OT is a vertical, open-top washing machine that can process glass sheets up to 1600 mm high. The central body of the machine integrates the washing and drying sections. The washing area is comprised of three independent zones: pre-washing, washing and rinsing. Washing is performed by two pairs of segmented brushes with high-density bristles for optimal washing results. The drying system consists of an inverter-controlled high-pressure radial fan and a pair of inclined air blades.

The glass inlet and outlet sections are modular, and the glass feed direction can be decided during configuration to adapt to any layout requirement. The onboard control panel controls the working parameters. While the VW 1600 OT is designed as a stand-alone machine, it can also be integrated with other vertical machinery.

Helping Paint Dry

Machines and Wheels offers the Goldglass GD7000 drying solution, which it says is efficient, powerful and specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. The machine has an 18 KW energy consumption in use, which is eight times lower on average than other machines. It can dry any type of paint or coating (organic or ceramic), including ceramic digital printings, before the tempering process. The line can be integrated and synchronized with Goldglass automatic spray-painting machines for continuous work.

Z it Clean

The Z-Series flat glass washier from Billco is a high-performance glass cleaning system designed with maintenance-friendly features and high-level process control options such as automated self-cleaning. According to the company, the modular design enables the Z-Series to be configured for standard applications such as insulating, tempering and laminating as well as pre-coating. The company’s optional DAQ monitoring system is designed to offer an independent solution to process monitoring of any glass
washer, no matter the year/model/manufacturer.


UltraClean Solutions

The UltraClean Atmospheric Series 2021 sliding door system from Horton is designed for effective contamination control in medical, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing cleanroom environments. According to the company, the new series complies with ISO 3 and ISO 5.

The automatic sliding doors have been tested to 1 million cycles and can be are specified to meet ISO 14644-1 Class 3 through 9 cleanroom applications.

Insulating Glass

Viracon for the VIN

A new glass identification number is now available on Viracon’s insulating glass units (IGU) with the Viracon Thermal Spacer (VTS). The Viracon Identification Number (VIN) is a 24-digit number the company says will be discreetly laser printed into every piece of glass. Eight of the VIN digits are a unique code providing detailed information about each insulating glass unit with VTS. This includes its thickness, size, substrate, print, heat treatment, manufacture date and more.

If something happens to a glass unit within the VIN system, such as damage, the building owner can replace the IGU with the exact match based on the VIN system. Building owners can easily find and locate information about the IGU through the company website.


Magid Makes Colorful PPE

Magid Glove & Safety is turning to color to show how PPE can help improve safety in industrial workplaces. For example, colorful hard hats or markings on hard hats can indicate different training levels, such as who has first aid training or someone who knows how to drive a forklift. Different colors can also signify the difference between visitors, managers, hourly employees or even different roles and work areas.

The company’s colorful PPE features color shields with the ANSI cut level prominently visible. Brightly colored glove liners can indicate over-worn PPE. When a glove shell is compromised, a bright-colored liner will show through alerting the worker to replace the damaged item.


Extra Large Openings

Slimpact XL single lite windows are the newest hurricane product from Faour Glass Technologies. They are designed with extra-large, single-lite openings capable of meeting a range of widths and heights, providing up to 96 square feet of coverage. A jumbo product is available for openings that require up to 200 square feet of coverage. The windows are engineered using HVHZ Florida Product Approval (FL #25673.3).

The XL single lite windows are designed to complement Slimpact frameless hurricane window wall systems and are engineered to offer discerning residences and building owners the option for single punched opening use, as well.

Fire-Rated Glass

Passing the Test

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain announced its Pyroswiss 45 meets UL 9, 10B, 10C; CAN/ULC S104, S106; and NFPA 80, 252 and 257 fire-rated standards and ANSI Z97.1, CPSC16 CFR 1201-CATII, CAN/CGSB-12.1-M90 impact safety ratings.

According to the company, Pyroswiss 45 has no UV-sensitive interlayers, films or embedded wires, allowing the glass to have a 90% visible light transmission in its low-iron option. The glass can be used in 45-minute rated openings, including windows, doors, sidelites and transoms, and is suitable for hollow-metal framing and doors (3/4-inch glass thickness with minimum stop height of 5/8 inches).

Coating Equipment

Easy-Clean Treatment

The X-Line is an automated, easy-clean coating solution for single and double glazing. It is designed to deliver a seamless, single-piece flow process that measures and treats glass with the optimal amount of EnduroShield at the touch of a button. The machine’s cycle time is as low as 30 seconds per panel.

The X-Line can be installed as a stand-alone machine or after an inline glass washer with the ability to treat glass up to 102 by 157 inches (jumbo on request). U.S. support is available from both EnduroShield and DeGorter.

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