Fire Protection

Completely Baffling

Trex Commercial Products has introduced a new Smoke Baffle System, engineered to protect against the spread and impact of smoke during a fire in commercial settings. A smoke baffle, also known as a draft curtain, corrals heat and smoke into curtained areas to prevent the spread and to help facilitate safe building evacuation.

The draft curtain is constructed with ½-inch laminated glass held in place by an aluminum glass channel, creating what the company calls a virtually invisible glass curtain that resists high temperatures.

Available in clear glass or with frosted or digitally printed finishes, the smokescreen is customizable and can be mounted below or flush with a finished ceiling, allowing integration in mezzanine spaces, such as stairways and other open concept areas, to prevent smoke from rising to upper levels.


Repower with Style

New Solarvolt Architectural building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules by Vitro Glass produce CO2-free power and can upgrade a building’s enclosure and exterior elements. Solarvolt is integrated into building facades and adds to the possibilities for renewable power generation and glass design, according to the company. The Solarvolt BIPV modules can be used with any Vitro Glass product.

Sealed and Delivered

The Ascent Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) from AGNORA pre-pressurizes the IGU to its final altitude resulting in a flat glass installation without the need to “cap” capillary tubes, or wait out equalization since the unit comes fully sealed. Oversized glass up to 130 by 300 inches can be used in most circumstances. Ascent can be assembled with all the same characteristics of traditional IGUs, including laminated inner and outer lites, options for low-E and coated glass, and double- and triple-glazed units.

Seeing Clearly

Offering four distinct bird-friendly patterns for exterior building applications, Guardian Bird1st Etch glass is the newest glass product. It includes Threat Factor scores to quantify collision-avoidance effectiveness. They are available on the company’s UltraClear low-iron glass and standard clear glass, and can be paired with SunGuard SuperNeutral 68, SNX 62/27 and SNX 51/23 coatings on the same lite of glass, as part of an insulating glass unit.

In addition, the company has introduced its SunGuard SNE 50/25, a high-performance, low-E coated glass that it says offers a visible light transmission of 50% and a low solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25.

SNE 50/25 is designed to be used on the #2 surface of a standard insulating glass unit and is available on multiple Guardian substrates. It is available in jumbo and split jumbo sizes and thicknesses of 6 mm, 8 mm, or 10 mm.

Decorative Glass

Now Showing

The new projectable glass rain screen system from Bendheim is designed to create fully customizable facades that can transform into a projection screen.

The cladding system features engineered compression clips and a distinctive glass composition, according to the company. It fastens directly to buildings, eliminating the need for traditional steel supports and the shadow lines they can cast.

At night, the glass cladding bounces front-projected light to create a sharp image. During the day, it createsa white aesthetic, as sunlight reflects off the fritted glass surface. The projectable glass can be imprinted with any custom pattern, including bird-safe designs. The maximum panel size can reach 84 by 165 inches.

A Mirror Image and Texture

GlasPro Inc. announced the availability of its new Specialty Reflections antique and colored mirrors. This collection includes 11 antique and seven colored (tinted) mirrors that feature an optional safety film for added impact protection. The company has also announced the availability of its new textured glass low iron collection, which includes five low-iron solutions designed to achieve some privacy while letting in light.

Doors and Windows

Steel Replicator

EFCO Corp. has introduced its new 590X Steel Replica Window for historically inspired profiles and narrow sightlines, with improved performance by modern, energy-efficient glass and durable aluminum framing.

According to the company, the 590X Steel Replica Window replicates the look of a classic, industrial steel window and is available in three standard profiles, bevel, cove and t-grid, or custom options. Customizable muntins allow building owners to match existing sightlines for historic retrofits.

Tools and Supplies

A Couple of Gems

Salem Fabrication Supplies offers two new diamond products for its Storm Series. The Thunder Cut diamond core drills are produced in multiple working lengths for manual and automated machinery from various equipment manufacturers.

The EF5 line of diamond wheels uses advanced diamond tool technology to enable them to operate at speeds up to 10 meters per minute without sacrificing life.


Light it Up

Gamco Corp., a manufacturer of custom aluminum framed structural glass skylights and solariums for commercial, hospitality, institutional, and upscale residence applications, has introduced its SK-2000 Series. The new system utilizes extruded aluminum framing members with integral condensate gutter pockets to channel moisture to the structure’s exterior. According to the company, this helps prevent air and moisture infiltration and provides a clean modern appearance, while structurally meeting all required design load and deflection criteria.

The new system is available in a variety of styles including single-slope lean-to, pyramid, ridge with gable or hip ends, and straight eave sunspaces. More complex shapes include octagon/polygons, double-pitch with reverse hip ends, and segmented vault and dome. Large sizes are possible with some models spanning areas of 40- by 200- feet and more.

Machinery and Equipment

Protect the Birds with Laserbird

Hegla of Halle/Saale, Germany, has developed the Laserbird, which can change the top layer of glass using laser printing to alter its properties.

RF-transparent glass, for example, is created by removing a layer of the coating in a dodecagonal pattern with thin lines. This enables full data and telephone reception in the interior behind the glass, and is ideal for conference rooms, office buildings and public transport.

Birds can be protected against colliding with glass by lasering a different geometry into the coating. A laser printing process is used to add a pattern to the outside of the facade glass that birds will recognize.

The Laserbird can also be used to create an antibacterial effect, using a patented finishing treatment that involves embedding silver ions in the glass surface.

Just the One

The One Man Robotic IG Cell (OMRC) IG line is the newest development from Erdman Automation. The new line requires just one operator and has a cycle time of approximately 45 seconds per 2 feet by 3 feet IG unit without a grid and approximately one minute and 15 seconds with a grid. Expected throughput is approximately 500 with a 40-50% grid mix or over 600 with no grids in a full eight hours.

Intermac Introduces Vertmax One

The Vertmax One range from Intermac is a new compact vertical machining center designed and developed to meet the needs of companies of every size. Made for doors, showers, balustrades, interior/exterior furnishings, and large windows with oversized glass, the Vertmax One machines the glass vertically and adapts to any production need, according to the company, adding that the machine can carry out every machining operation, from glossy and rough grinding to quick boring. It has twin power HSD electrospindles to mill and grind both notches and openings in the inner part of the glass, and a Pilot System designed to ensure flawless polishing during vertical machining, according to the company. Intermac also says the automatic repositioning of the carriage means even complex machining operations can be carried out without having to unload the glass from the machine and then reload it.

The process is managed via IC software, the company’s new software based on the iCam experience and characterized by a modern interface.

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