Equipment and Machinery

Zip It

Pro-Line Automation System has introduced the new Zipper CNC-11LZ thermal break insertion machine. The product features 11 axis CNC control, a flexible tooling system and a large work envelope. Similar to previous Zipper models, the CNC-11LZ features the automatic compensating knurling and crimping system. According to the company, this combines knurling, insertion and crimping into one machine, helping save floor space, labor costs and time.

Fab Solutions

New from Glaziers Center, the RhinoFab 9700 takes door blank and storefront/curtainwall stock length fabrication, and combines them into one automated machining center for flexibility and precision. The equipment can perform precise drilling, routing and countersinking operations on hinges, locks, panic hardware and closers. Other capabilities include cutting, drilling, countersinking, routing, beveling and mitering architectural aluminum stock lengths up to 31 feet long. The RhinoFab 9700 also fabricates pressure plates and cover caps.

Jumbo Glass

Reaching New Heights

Tianjin NorthGlass has successfully tested laminated “super glass” measuring more than 75 feet long.

According to the company, this new super glass helps expand the indoor and outdoor boundaries, and integrates the building with the environment.

Window Film

Finishing Touches

Energy Products Distribution offers 3M Co.’s Glass Finishes which include four distinct product lines: Crystal Finishes, Fasara, Dichroic and DI-NOC for Glass. The Dusted and Frosted Crystals provide a sandblasted etched look that can be electrocut for logos and distraction bands. Fasara features more than 100 pre-printed patterns inspired by recent global design trends. Available in Blaze and Chill, Dichroic finishes have color shifting properties that simulate dichroic glass at a lower cost. Lastly, DI-NOC Glass Finishes combine the benefits of glass with the look of natural surfaces such as wood, metals, stones and textiles as well as solid colors.

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