Hurricane Systems

It’ll Blow You Away

Horton Automatics has introduced the new HD-Storm Level E hurricane-rated sliding door systems for protection against wind and debris in critical facilities.

The systems are Miami-Dade approved and meet stringent wind-force ratings for coastal and inland areas. Offering the company’s largest envelope and highest PSF rating, the HD-Storm Level E systems are engineered to withstand pressures of up to +/- 80 PSF and to meet small and large missile impact, as well as non-impact application requirements. The unit withstands the impact of a 9-pound 2- by 4-inch projectile traveling at a speed of 80
feet per second, according to the company.

The HD-Storm features Horton’s trademark corner block construction along with reinforced rails. The 3-point locking system ensures the entrance is secure and anchored when not in operation. The specially designed weatherstripping reduces air infiltration, helps conserve energy and improve air quality.

The Horton HD-Storm automatic systems are available in single or bi-parting configurations.

Switchable Film

Glass in a Single Location

Scienstry Inc. now offers 3G switchable window film, which the company says offers adjusted transparency settings, ability to block UV and infrared rays and save energy.
The product can be used in a variety of applications. It is the latest generation of switchable film and has functions to save, project and protect, according to the company.

Fire-Rated Glazing

Protection Against It All

Technical Glass Products, a brand of Allegion, has introduced the Fireframes Designer Guard System. All components have been system tested together to ASTM E2395 for forced-entry resistance, and Intertek certified to verify all components perform as intended. The system is available with fire ratings up to 60 minutes.

The system includes a die-rolled steel profile swinging door with sidelites and emulates the appearance of a narrow-profile aluminum storefront. Glazing consists of FireLite Plus Forced Entry IGU, a laminated fire-rated glass-ceramic that provides impact safety and forced-entry resistance. The system provides adjacent non-fire-rated doors with narrow frame profiles, clear fire-rated glazing and system-specific components.

Shower Doors

Shower Door Upgrade

The Frameless Hardware Company LLC (FHC), a supplier and manufacturer to the glass and glazing industries, has added sliding shower systems to its Shower Design Program. The Denali, Clearwater and Pacifica single-sliders, as well as the Napa double-sliding system, are now supported in the program. These sliding shower systems come in both 180° (in-line) and 90° (square) configurations and have pre-drawn templates loaded in the program for easy shower creation.

Handling and Lifting Equipment

Heavy Lifting

The Quattrolifts Express 330T allows glaziers to fi t and remove glass weighing up to 220 pounds above doorways and entrances safely and efficienctly. The Express 330T is lightweight and can be transported to the site easily by one person. In minutes, the lift can assemble, pivot glass 90° to the side for small doorways, rotate glass 360°, unload glass off a truck or rack, and allow for installation above an entrance or doorway, eliminating unsafe manual handling.

Tools and Supplies

The Complete Package

Grabo Pro is equipped with a vacuum pump, which, once activated, creates suction and firmly attaches to any non-porous flat surface. The suction is strong enough to hold firm even loads as heavy as 375 pounds, according to the company. To lift any slab of flat solid material, turn on the unit and place it straight on the surface. The Grabo Pro automatically monitors the vacuum and if vacuum pressure is lost, the pump is automatically powered up until the pressure is restored.

Grabo Pro comes as a set with a pre-installed battery and vacuum seal. The kit includes a multi-socket charger, a heavy-duty carry bag, the Pro tool (2021 model with digital display) and the operator’s manual.

The Pro-Lifter has a pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute, according to the company. It is designed to provide a comfortable grip and minimal fatigue when moving heavy objects. Like the Classic version, the vacuum pump and rechargeable battery pack are concealed within the grab handle.

Machinery and Equipment

QX-GTH Tempering Furnace

The new QX-GTH glass tempering furnace from Xinglass has automatic functions that reduce production and labor costs. It is designed for various glass types, including clear glass, patterned glass, sandblasted glass, coated glass, concave-convex glass, tinted glass, hard-coated glass and soft-coated low-E glass, among others.

The control system has integrated a new intelligent heating control algorithm. According to the company, it ensures heat is evenly distributed with 10% accuracy improvement and features high heat-resistance insulation materials to improve the heating performance and the quality of tempered glass.

The new design uses the inertia of the blower impellers to cool the glass while minimizing energy use. With the use of separate quenching technology, the furnace ensures the tempering quality conserves energy. The optimized quenching process reduces most product defects for soft coating and hard coating low-E glass.

Automatic Breakouts

Glassline offers fully automatic slitting systems with auto-breaking that can be placed in-line with double edging/seaming systems. According to the company, slitting systems are an economical means of uni-directionally cutting raw blocks into smaller rectangles. In addition, dynamic breaking allows continuous breaking of each score.

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