Personal Protective Equipment

Protection Fits Like a Glove

Magid introduced its new coreless T-REX® TRXDXG49 gloves that protect while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. The TRXDXG49 is the first impact-resistant glove to incorporate Magid’s TriTek Palm® coating on a DX Technology® coreless shell. The coreless DX Technology shell is made of specially engineered yarn, infused with strength-enhancing microparticles for protection against cuts without using a steel or fiberglass core that can cause irritation and contact dermatitis, according to the company. The TRXDXG49’s M-Force Defense System® provides back-of-hand protection to deflect and absorb impacts, meeting level 2 impact protection standards (ANSI/ISEA 138-2019). Impact protection extends from the back of the wearer’s hands to the fingertips, including between the thumb and index fingers. The glove shell is ANSI rated level A4 for cut, level 5 for abrasion and level 3 for puncture resistance (ANSI/ISEA 105-2016).


Catalogs, Programs and Patents

The Frameless Hardware Company LLC (FHC) has released several products for 2022. The company has published a new FGR24 Architectural Railing Hardware and Supplies Catalog, which showcases 158 full color pages of professional-grade architectural railing products. The catalog features industry standards for frameless glass railing systems, point-supported standoff railings, stainless steel post railings, handrails and components, glass fencing systems, glass gate systems, tools and supplies.

FHC also recently upgraded its Shower Design Program. The Denali, Clearwater and Pacifica single-sliders are now supported in the program, as well as the Napa double-sliding system.

Additionally, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially awarded U.S. Patent Number 11,187,323 to the FHC Unitizing Clamping Gasket. The new gasket eliminates the need to manually hold clamping jaws open and prevents components from falling out of door rails and other systems while affixing to the glass panel.

Fire-Rated Glazing

New Partnerships for Fire-Rated Framing

McGrory Glass, a family-owned architectural glass company, now offers Forster’s line of sustainable steel fire-rated framing systems along with its existing range of fire-rated glazing and butt-glazed systems. Forster develops high-quality steel profile systems for energy-efficient doors, windows and facades.

According to McGrory, the fire-rated glass assembly systems and fire doors allow for design freedom, while simultaneously meeting stringent building code requirements. Profile steel tubes are an optimal construction element for doors, windows and curtainwalls for structural reasons. Forster can produce large-surface elements with extremely narrow face widths from steel.

Moveable Partitions and Panels

The Walls that Slide and Glide

Hufcor® now offers GFS Acoustic Slide™ glass wall panels in its GF Series. The aluminum-framed glass wall panels slide in a sequential movement, with overlapping ¾-inch (44) vertical stiles and interlocking top and bottom rails. Sliding glass wall panels can be ordered with Sound Transmission Class (STC) Ratings of 33, 37 or 38, and all panels have top and bottom sweeps. Multiple panel configurations are available for the GFS Acoustic Slide Panels, including wall to wall, storage pocket, and wall overlap. Panels can be created up to 50-3 /4-inches wide and 10- feet, 5-inches tall.

Safety Glazing

Shooter Attack-Tested Glazing

EFCO Corp. and Armoured One have signed an agreement to develop what the companies say is the industry’s first complete fenestration assembly to successfully pass the Shooter Attack Certification Testing method.

These assemblies include EFCO’s high-performance, aluminum-framed curtainwall, storefront, entrance and window systems. All are glazed with Armoured One’s 1-inch insulating glass with a proprietary, attack-resistant interlayer. The testing process by Filti Testing & Development is certified by the National Safety Security Protection Association for protection against active shooter attacks.

Sorting Systems

Leave Bottlenecks in the Past

The Sorting System, Forel’s intelligent logistics solution, is an automated system to manage glass panels in the production process. The Sorting System can connect different departments, creating a holding area for semi-finished products that are managed automatically, depending on production programming.

The worklist is loaded into the system’s management software. Regardless of the order in which the material arrives to the Sorting System, the self-learning mechanism will identify each individual piece, attributing a unique ID code to it and linking it to its respective order, according to the company. If there is a programming change mid-cycle, operators can pause an order and continue with another by inserting the different one required.

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