Personal Protective Equipment

Protection for Dangerous Jobs

M-Gard garments with AeroDex technology from Magid integrate new fibers and yarn wrapping techniques for up to 30% lighter protection, according to the company. The garments are designed to allow body heat to dissipate while delivering ANSI Cut Level A7-A9 cut protection. According to the company, staying cool, comfortable and safe are among the many benefits of its cut-resistant garments designed specifically to protect from
hazards in the glass industry.

Architectural Panels

InfernoShield Non-Combustible Insulated Glazing Panel

Laminators Inc. has debuted InfernoShield, a new non-combustible insulated glazing panel designed to provide fire performance when installed in window, glazing and curtainwall systems. The panels are made of a calcium silicate core sandwiched between extruded profile stabilizers with a finished aluminum sheet on each face. The finished product has a 1-inch overall thickness, provides an R-Value of 2.14 per inch, weighs 2.77 pounds/square foot and fits into any standard 1-inch glazing pocket and curtainwall system. Panels meet non-combustible requirements of IBC Section 703.5 and have a class-A rating with a zero-flame spread per ASTM E84, according to the company.

InfernoShield panels are available in multiple color options, including PVDF/Kynar 500, polyester or anodized, and a smooth or stucco-embossed finish. They also are available in stock sheets or cut-to-size.


Eastman and Saint-Gobain Fly Safe

Saint-Gobain Glass is now using Eastman’s Saflex FlySafe 3D PVB interlayer with its 4BIRD laminated glass. The combination is one of a new series of bird-friendly glazing solutions combining Cool-Lite solar control coated glass.

FlySafe 3D features three-dimensional, reflective sequins between two lites of glass in a pattern that covers less than 1% of the glass area.


Next Ledge

The Next Ledge from F. Barkow is the second-generation removable upper ledgeboard for existing racks. It is designed to transport additional glass, doubling the capacity of companies’ Barkow racks. It is made of high-grade, durable stainless steel and can carry 400 pounds safely when using the two required ledges. The Next Ledge hooks directly onto the Barkow aluminum, stainless-steel or high-tensile steel load-holding slats, offering customers easy installation and removal. Each 4-inch useable ledge is equipped with a neoprene pad to protect glass and Velcro fastening for added safety while transporting glass.

Handling & Lifting Equipment

Get Smart

SmartGroup America’s lifters are designed to improve safety, productivity and functionality for glaziers. The company’s SG450 and the SG650 can raise 18 feet 6 inches high making it possible to install second-story windows from the ground, and have a lift capacity up to 1,433 pounds, according to the company. The lifts feature an LED indicator that tells when the unit is approaching load capacity by monitoring the weight and position of material. The machines’ all-terrain foam filled tires and low center of gravity, allows for seamless, precise maneuvering, according to the company.

Architectural Metal

The Grand Fin-ale

Centria is offering Nova Fins, custom-fabricated metal accent fins for the building façade. The panels are designed to provide seamless integration with two of the company’s metal panel profiles. The fins are available in folded or extruded aluminum and manufactured in lengths between four and 15 feet and depths of 1.5 to four inches. According to the company, the Nova Fins integrate horizontally with the Formawall Dimension Series building envelope system for distinct architectural wall profiles. The fins also integrate vertically and horizontally with Intercept Modular Metal Panels.

Window Systems

All Weather Architectural Aluminum Slides to the Side

All Weather Architectural Aluminum recently announced it has launched its all new Series 6200 horizontal sliding window system, made to meet what the company says is a need for higher performing custom aluminum windows for both the commercial and residential segments.

All Weather says the new Series 6200 Horizontal Slider is commercially rated and is its latest window system engineered to meet Title 24 compliance using the system prescriptive method.

The Series 6200 window system has a 3 1/8-inch frame with mitered corners. It utilizes a pour and debridge system and offers 1-inch OA dual and 1 ¼-inch OA triple glazing for maximum energy efficiency. According to the company, the system is commercially and acoustically rated for high performance and durability. The Series 6200 horizontal sliding window also offers OX, XO and XOX configurations, a max panel size of 48 by 84 inches,
contemporary Amesbury Truth Positive Action Lock, a recessed finger pull, Fapim Hockey rollers for smooth operation, and Class l clear and bronze anodized finishes.

Inspection Equipment

k-Space for Quality

k-Space Associates Inc. recently announced a range of glass metrology innovations designed to help glass companies uncover product defects before they halt production or impact deliveries. The range of tools addresses broken glass detection, glass thickness, film thickness, color, reflectance and edge inspection, all of which can be mixed and matched in a single system and installed on a conveyor line.

The Glass Breakage and Defect Detection tool identifies cracks, chips, scratches, dings, pinholes, color uniformity and other factors. K-Space says it handles clear, transparent, and opaque glass using high-intensity LED light bar modules with safety shielding.

The Edge Profile tool measures the edge profile of a glass lite or panel and detects chips, cracks, debris, dual pane offset, and the radius of curvature on the production line.

The Glass Thickness and Flatness tool measures total glass thickness, flatness, bow, warp and total thickness variation.


Slim Structures

Slimpact by Faour Glass Technologies has added a new addition to its frameless impact glazing portfolio. Slimpact Portal is a custom-engineered, stand-alone, three-sided steel portal structure engineered for single- and paired-door options with allowable design pressures up to +/-90 PSF.

The new system complements the company’s Slimpact door family, joining the manual, panic and automatic entrance doors.

Fire-Rated Glazing

In the Fire-Rated SuperClear

SAFTI FIRST announced it received U.S. Patent Number 11,479,504 for its SuperClear® 45-HS (hose stream) and SuperClear 45-HS-LI (hose stream, low-iron). The SuperClear 45-HS and -HS-LI are U.S.-made, non-wired, tint-free, monolithic, fire-protective glazing products for all 45-minute doors, sidelites, transoms and openings. The company says they are listed and labeled by both UL and Intertek, are available in large sizes and meet NFPA 252/257 and UL 9/10C with hose stream and CPSC Cat. II Impact Safety without the need for films or laminates.

Additionally, SAFTI FIRST says these products carry high acoustical ratings and can be customized to protect against bullets, forced-entry, blast, hurricanes and more. Decorative, bird-friendly and energy-efficient make-ups are also available. Both products are approved glazing components in NFRC’s CMAST database. They can be used in all standard fire-rated hollow metal framing or the company’s proprietary GPX framing.

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