Machinery and Equipment

Back on the Grind

Bovone announced a number of upgrades to its fully automatic series of grinders, including the new ELB 11/45 FA. The first is automatic compensation of wheel wear, in which the machine spindles are positioned on motorized slides that are managed by the automatic system. This compensates for the reduction in height through powerful software equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use HMI. The second is an automatic wheel replacement alert. When the wheel reaches the end of its life, an acoustic and visual system warns the operator of the need for replacement. The grinders also offer a quick wheel setup. Alerted by the machine signaling system, the operator starts the wheel change operation from the screen and the spindle lowers automatically, so the operator can easily replace the wheel. All ELB edging machines can be integrated into the Bovone Robotic Systems, specifically designed for processing large slabs.

Decorative Glass

Out of this World Color Palette

Bendheim has added three new colorways called Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, to its line of Optichroic dichroic glass.

According to the company, the dichroic glass is innately interactive in nature. As the viewer’s angle to the glass changes, so does its color, giving Optichroic its iridescent kinetic characteristics.

The glass is available in sizes up to 54- by-120-inches and thicknesses up to 3/4 inches.

Doors and Windows

A Slew of Aluminum Color

National manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems now offers nearly twice the number of stock architectural colors for its aluminum door and window products. Twenty stock colors are available in AAMA 2604 and an additional 16 are available in AAMA 2605 powder coat finish. Custom colors are also available.

FLEXible Solutions

Horton Automatics has developed its FLEX line of pedestrian access solutions for a variety of applications.

FlexSlide 2022 is part of a FLEX-branded portfolio of slide, swing and revolving door systems. This system features a 4.5-inch by 7-inch header with sightlines, hairline joints and is available in a selection of finishes, including wet/powder paint and anodized options. It is used in main entrances, exits, vestibules, lounges and internal passages of office buildings, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, banks, shopping centers and entertainment venues.

The non-handed FlexSwing 7400 is available in a range of configurations including single, pair or double egress. With different operator features including touchless operation, adjustable opening and closing speeds, Push-N-Go® activation and SoftTouch® safety feature that reverses a closing door, the FlexSwing 7400 can be adapted for commercial
uses. It provides a solution for one-way or two-way traffic in retail, airports, hotels, government, office buildings, schools, libraries and industrial environments.

Digital Printing

Safer for the Birds

Sedak is using its digital printing process to offer a bird-friendly glass option. The company says its bird-protection glass needs a very small printed area for its protective effect and it achieves a higher level of protection than alternatives. Its scratch and UV-resistant patterns are added onto the glass using digital printing. When further processed into laminated panes, the printing is on the outside, allowing for insulation and highly effective bird protection, according to the company.

Depending on customer requirements, two variants are available: dots or squares, arranged in a homogenous grid.

Wildlife Friendly Patterns

Walker Glass has two new acid-etched, bird-friendly patterns for the first surface of the glass. Both are available on regular AviProtek® bird friendly glass or on AviProtek® E with a Solarban® low-E coating from Vitro Architectural Glass on surface two.

Patterns 226 and 227 comprise scattered patterns of 5-millimeter squares. Both are nonlinear and multi-directional, eliminating the need for pattern alignment. With markers covering less than 1% of the glass, they offer clear sightlines wherever the glass is installed.

Based on conducted field experiments, the patterns have a threat factor of 25 from the American Bird Conservancy and a 95% avoidance rate.


Combining Hardware & Software

Allegion, a provider of security products and solutions, announced the first integration between Overtur, its digital environment connecting all building phases in opening design, construction and ongoing management, and Software for Hardware, for door, frame and hardware distributors.

Overtur’s platform enables users to collaborate on a project’s opening data. In the design phase, collaborators can upload plans and door schedules through a plug-in within Autodesk’s Revit program or by directly uploading PDFs and Excel documents. Once loaded, hardware consultants can assign and configure individual products to each opening, such as a lock, a closer or an exit device.

All Within Reach

Strybuc offers a counter kiosk station or a floor kiosk system so customers can easily find products without the need to stock hundreds of regional specialty hardware items.

The kiosks are small enough to fit on most counters, and floor models are ideal for an end-cap unit, according to the company. Store visitors can shop over 36,000 hard-to-find and obsolete door and window parts using the touch-screen online store and printed catalog.

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