Handling & Lifting Equipment

Power Lifting

Woods Powr-Grip’s MRTA8 vacuum lifters are now available with curved-glass pad frame adapters. The adapter has a load capacity of 1,200 pounds and attaches to existing MRTA8 vacuum lifters to grip convex and concave glass. It has pivoting pad mounts to match the angle of loads and can be run by a single operator, who can install the adapter without assistance. The machine provides a 2-inch offset from the load to accommodate curvature and uses extension arms to support long load dimensions.

In addition, the pad frame T-arms with FS625 pads allow the lifter to handle insulating metal panels, composite panels and other cladding materials. It replaces existing pad arms and is quick and easy to install while still able to handle different load sizes and contours. Both plug-in style pad frame assemblies are available as a factory or retrofit option.

Equipment & Machinery

Two Steps to Clean

The Bohle Sedimentor water filtration system, available from DeGorter Inc., is a closed water-recirculation system that takes dirty water from the equipment and returns virtually clean water through a two-step process. According to the company, the system has a unique cone-shape design that allows continuous settling of glass particles and contaminants during daily operation. A powder flocculant is added automatically to further filter suspended glass particles, which are deposited into a waste removal bag and
disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

The powder flocculant is biodegradable and 100% corrosive free, and the dispensing system has a screw-conveyor to prevent accidental overdosing, according to the company. The bypass control method keeps flocculant from entering during the grinding cycle.

Tools and Supplies

All-In-One Tool Storage

Groves Inc. offers an all-in-one tool storage system where users can store all their tools, accessories and other small items in one safe and secure location. Engineered with welded steel construction and powder-coated, officials say the heavy-duty system combines durability and security with functionality and organization.

The space-saving locker is available as a mobile system with either two or three individual lockers or as a wall-mounted system arranged with any quantity of individual lockers. Each separate locker measures 20 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 72 inches tall and comes standard with three shelf levels and a rear security panel.


Sustainability Measures

Vitro Architectural Glass announced it has published updated versions of its third-party-verified environmental product declarations (EPD) for flat glass and processed glass products. Vitro’s 2023 EPDs indicate that its products contain just 1,350 kilograms of CO2 equivalent, which is 6% lower than the industry-standard figure and an improvement on figures reported in 2017 when it first published the EPDs, the company reports.


Shop Floor Companion

A+W is introducing a new smartphone app for the shop floor called A+W Smart Companion – Stock. The intuitive app allows users to manage digital stock easily, ensuring accurate information and minimizing errors. With the app, users can record incoming goods and stock transactions instantly. In addition, the Stock module’s inventory function provides useful filters, checklists and dashboards, including a to-do list and various charts.

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