Glass Handling Equipment

Smart Handling

Italcarrelli has introduced a new solution for handling glass quickly and safely with forklift trucks. The ABV device includes a frame, two overhead clamps with a video camera, and two forks. The company says it can be installed on any forklift truck and allows the operator to handle both packed and unpacked glass.

According to Italcarrelli, the glass handling operator can adjust the thickness and height of the glass packs from the driver’s seat easily and without the intervention of other operators. ABV allows the handling of packages, including thin glass, in warehouses, production lines and from trucks.

Architectural Metals

Redesigned Panel Line

Laminators Inc. announced its newly redesigned product line, including Alumalite Standard, Alumalite Economy and Alumalite Ultra.

Alumalite Standard is an aluminum composite panel with a high-density corrugated polypropylene core. According to the company, the product is 50 times stronger than aluminum sheet metal and has been field-tested through extensive freeze/thaw cycling tests. Alumalite Standard can withstand winds over 120 mph. Panels are available in 6-millimeter and 10-millimeter sheet thicknesses and in various colors and sheet sizes.

Alumalite Economy is an aluminum composite panel with a new clear-profile, corrugated polypropylene core. The product is redesigned from Econolite®, and features a thin aluminum skin and a profile core. Panels are available in various sheet thicknesses, including 3 millimeters, 5 millimeters and 10 millimeters.

Alumalite Ultra has a high-density corrugated polypropylene core and is available in 15-millimeter and 25-millimeter thicknesses.

In addition, Laminators Inc. has consolidated its wood core product line—Luster-Board™ and Omega SignBoard™.

Switchable Glazing

Switch Positions

Scienstry has introduced the technology to create a new, switchable projection window featuring technologies that can turn a window into a TV screen.

LCD products typically haven’t been used outdoors, nor has smart glass been able to show a clear image with front projection. The company says it has resolved those problems with a group of patents that they say are available for licensing. The products and technologies link the display market and glass market together. The technologies have been used for a world-class project which turns a building into an advertising TV screen with a coverage of tens of thousands square meters.

Storefronts and Entrances

Historic Storefront

Boyd Aluminum has brought a new historic aluminum storefront system to the market. With the new system, companies can match the appearance of any historic wooden storefront with a BH01 Boyd storefront system. In addition to being historically accurate, the new system offers energy efficiency.


Staying Neutral Gray

Viracon recently introduced its Neutral Gray VNG-4022 low-E architectural glass coating, which it says offers exceptional solar control, with 40% visible light transmittance and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.22.

Featuring a mid-range reflectance, the company says the glass provides solar performance without compromising the facade’s aesthetics.

Doors and Door Products

Another Door Opens

Horton Automatics and Horton Pedestrian Access Solutions have released the Series 9900 EasyFlow® revolving door, which features a power-assisted home positioning system known as RTQP (Return-to-Quarter-Point). According to the company, the EasyFlow is a manual door that automatically closes and returns to the sealed “home” position after every use.

As pedestrians approach the door, a gentle push sets the door in motion, allowing passage to or from the building. It then rotates automatically with the RTQP assist until reaching the home position. The magnetic book-fold breakout wings are also useful in emergency egress situations.

The RTQP revolver is available in a 3- or 4-wing configuration with a round or segmented drum and canopy and custom diameters between 78 and 96 inches. The door comes with narrow or medium stile rails and a wide selection of finishes, including anodized aluminum, paint, and metal cladding. The door system offers unlimited customization with magnetic locks, night locks, and card access for added safety.

Sturdy and Strong

WINCO Window Co. has a new hurricane-rated terrace door. The company says its NC 82 STH thermal terrace door is designed to meet demanding specifications for aesthetics and performance. It is hurricane rated in all coastal states, except for Florida and, according to the company, has achieved the AMA Gold label.

According to WINCO, the terrace door pairs well with a variety of window and building designs and works as balcony egress for hotels, high-end condos and apartments, as well as multi-family housing along coastal properties.

It has rain screen principal EPDM gaskets, adjustable hinges, a polyamide thermal barrier, and mitered corners reinforced with corner keys.

The door has been AAMA AW75 water tested to 12 PSF, has a U-factor under 0.416 BTU/H-Ft^2-F, and a structural test pressure of 12 psf over 200 mph.

Inspection Equipment

Whiter Shade of Haze Control

The White Haze Scanner from Glaston and Softsolution is an AI-based solution that automatically detects white haze on processed glass. Developed in collaboration with glass fabricators, the scanner uses AI-based technology to detect and categorize white haze based on the common view of the companies that have participated in the development. The scanner provides a graphical overview that visibly highlights any out-of-tolerance values, and the companies say this allows glass fabricators to react quickly to correct possible process issues, as well as ensure that only acceptable quality is shipped to end-users.

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