Door Hardware

New Roto Hinge is Solid

Roto’s new Solid Range of hinges offers a variety of technical versions, colors and surface finishes. According to the company, the line has achieved 200,000 opening cycles, and comes with a 10-year performance warranty.

Solid S hinges include screw-on hinges for all frame materials and requirements. Adjustment distances enable custom adaptations on the hinge side that contribute to the functionality and durability of doors, according to the company.

Solid B hinges are two- and three-part butt hinges for vinyl doors, and two- and three-part clamp hinges for aluminum doors. The clamping blocks are adapted to system-specific grooves on the aluminum profile. The adjustment mechanism on butt hinges are fully integrated in the hinge roller. The Solid C concealed hinge offers inward and outward
opening for large, aluminum doors.

Ideal Glass Door Rail

The SMPL-hydraulic glass door rail with an inbuilt hydraulic system is now available from Ideal Glass Hardware. According to the company, the new door rail can be combined with regular top patch fittings and comes with an automatic hold open function at 90 degrees. Tested for more than 5 million cycles, the company says the product can accommodate up to 220 pounds. It is available in brushed anodized, satin anodized, bright anodized and matte black finishes.

Handling and Lifting Equipment

Heavy Lifting

Smartlift is a heavy vacuum lifting company originally based in Denmark and now with U.S. headquarters in Omaha, Neb. The company says it has available a range of vacuum lifts, offering a combination of precision and strength, as well as capabilities to lift and mount glass and glazing systems and other large elements without the employees having to use force. In addition, the lifting systems can help increase efficiency by reducing a job that normally requires five workers and around three hours of labor, to two workers in one hour, according to the company.

Storefronts and Entrances

Thermally Broken Expansion

The thermally broken and pre-glazed YHS 50 TU storefront system is the latest addition to YKK AP America Inc.’s line of storefront systems. Part of the company’s ProTek line of impact and blast-resistant products, the pre-glazed YHS 50 TU is designed to meet the construction industry’s continued need for fast installation and high thermal performance, while withstanding the most demanding conditions, according to the company.
The new storefront system is designed to handle 10-foot-tall spans at 70 pounds per square foot with standard mullions and 12-foot-tall spans at 40 psf. The company offers a U-value of 0.41, with standard low-E glass. The system can be pre-glazed or field glazed and is compatible with the company’s H-series entrances.

The system features the Model 35H/50H entrance door with maximum-security dead bolts or optional exit devices for egress requirements. It also integrates with the company’s architectural windows with vent offerings.

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