Decorative Glass

Expanding Your Glass Palette

Bendheim has expanded its material palette with Prospero™, its new privacy-friendly linear glass. The collection, stocked and fabricated in the U.S., is made up of seven textured, etched and carved designs in low-iron (ultra-clear), grey and bronze 3/8-inch-thick tempered glass.

According to the company, the new collection is ideal for privacy partitions in offices, hospitality and healthcare projects. It is also suited for frameless shower enclosures in hospitality and multi-family residential applications. Bendheim can customize the glass, by fabricating it to the desired size, shape, aesthetic and safety requirements of a given project. The maximum panel size depends on the application. Tempered Prospero glass meets building safety codes, the requirements for ANSI Z97.1, and the Consumer
Product Safety Commission CPSC 16CFR, Part 1201—Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials.


Managing Solar Exposure

C.R. Laurence (CRL) has announced the new 8010 Adjustable Series Single Blade Sunshade as a solution for reducing solar heat gain. Blade angles can be adjusted from zero to -35 degrees in 5-degree intervals with specialized brackets attached to storefront and curtainwall frames, while multiple blades can be attached to a storefront or curtainwall frames either horizontally or vertically.

The sunshade system offers 12-inch blade depth, splice joints for long spans and airfoil and rectangular blade options.  The system has been tested for wind, snow and dead loads, qualifies for LEED credit and is available in different finishes.

Protective Glazing

Safe and Secure

Kuraray’s Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division provides security products for a variety of applications. Such products include SentryGlas® ionoplast and Trosifol® PVB interlayers, which can be used in tailored systems to meet specific security, ballistics, and blast requirements.

In addition, Spallshield® CPET is used for spall protection for building occupants while providing a durable, easily maintained surface. A security glazing brochure is also available on the company’s website.

Protective Glazing

Armor Up

Armortex designs and manufacturers physical security products, including architectural bullet-resistant products, as well as blast- and forced-entry resistant products. The company has capabilities to design and custom fabricate windows, doors and panels to meet specified needs.

Architectural Metals

PAC-CLAD Petersen Wood Grain Finishes

PAC-CLAD offers customers the look of natural wood with the durability of metal. The company’s PVDF wood grain finishes are available on all PAC-CLAD wall panel systems. Offered in 16 finish options, the company says the finishes appear nearly indistinguishable from natural wood, which are marketed as offering architects and designers ultimate creative flexibility.

Protective Glazing

Comfortable and Safe

The Thompson Innovative Glass Defender® product series is a complete line of advanced school security, bullet-resistant and forced-entry protection products. Defender glass products are fabricated in-house and certified through third-party testing to meet or exceed UL or other industry standards as applicable, according to the company. Options are available for both no-spall and low-spall applications. In addition, these glass products can be combined with high-efficiency insulating glass for exterior applications.

Software and Technology

Software Update

HEGLA-HANIC is now offering Cut+, a new program for cutting table organization and management. Cut+ is based on the standards of .NET Core, the Microsoft development environment, which ensures that the software can be extended from the Microsoft pool.

The software’s core functions include the technical registration of customer orders with all parameters to ensure availability for further processing. It is also possible to register the data directly at the cutting table, on an office computer as a step in work preparation, or as an order acceptance. If keypads are not available, a touchscreen can be used instead. A live
editor immediately displays the registered geometry to the operator for a plausibility check.


And Then There Was Sun

Guardian Glass North America has launched two new products in its commercial range of double silver coated glass: SunGuard® SNR 35 and SunGuard® SNR 50 coated glass. Both coated products provide a low solar heat gain, a neutral silver appearance and neutral reflectivity.

SNR 50 offers a balance of medium reflectivity and a neutral aesthetic with a 48% visible light transmission and 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient, while SNR 35 delivers a reflective look and features a lower solar heat gain coefficient of 0.17 for energy-saving performance.

Designed for use on the #2 surface of a standard insulating glass unit, SNR 50 and SNR 35 can be paired with a variety of substrates at the following thicknesses: 5 millimeter to 12 millimeter—Clear and UltraClear® low-iron, or 6 millimeter to 10 millimeter—Green, CrystalGray® and CrystalBlue™. Both products are available heat strengthened or tempered, and on jumbo (130 inches by 204 inches) and super jumbo lites (130 inches by 240 inches) at 6 millimeter to 12 millimeter thicknesses (clear or UltraClear low-iron glass).

*The images are artistic renderings intended to represent the reflected and transmitted color of the glass in real use conditions.

Machinery and Equipment

Get a Clean Cut

GED has introduced two models of its CleanCut™ cutting and edge deletion systems: the 1800 for cutting and 1800- D for cutting and deleting. According to the company, the 1800 Series offers operations savings by improving cutting optimization yields by an average of more than 5%. GED’s largest glass cutting table available today can process sizes of 96- by 130-inches. The 1800 Series includes all the cutting-edge technology of the 1700 Series.

Keep it Clean

Billco Manufacturing Inc. designs and builds flat substrate washers, with process widths available between 20- and 132-inches. The company says its washers use various forms of wet surface agitation for maximized contaminate removal, segregated chemistry zones, impinging spray zones and full-width solid rolls throughout all cleaning and blow-off zones. The washers have standard ergonomic guard design, pull-out tank carts,
complete process monitoring, and other common features for easy maintenance and operation.

Door Systems

Behind Closed Doors

All Weather Architectural Aluminum has launched its new Series 9200, a thermally broken bifold door system, which can transform a space by expanding interiors filled with natural light and open-air and maximizing views.

The top-hung folding doors feature a narrow 2 1/16-inch stile and rail profile, 2 3/8-inch thick panels, and a pinch-proof, child-safe design. They are also thermally broken with 1-inch OA insulating dual glazed units. The door system offers an unlimited number of panels, simulated divided lite and true divided lite options, multiple thresholds and handle hardware options, a maximum panel size of 42 inches by 144 inches, anodized
effect powder coating and Class I anodized finishes.

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