Glazing Systems

Vestibule Selection

Glass+Metal Craft has launched its family of Ostium pre-engineered glass vestibules, available in three types. Type I systems are minimalistic “glass boxes” for a pair of doors that connect the outside environment seamlessly to the building interior. Type II systems extend to cover two pairs of doors and use glass beams to support larger panels of glass, and tier III systems use stainless or mild steel skeletons, allowing for larger glass and more complex designs. All three are scalable and modular to adapt to a wide array of
conditions, are fully engineered with stamped drawings, and are designed for ease of installation.

Bird-Friendly Products

Multi-Purpose Options

BirdSecure Pro interlayers from Kuraray allow fabricators to incorporate both bird-friendly glazing and structural performance in laminated glass. Available in both Trosifol PVB and SentryGlas ionoplast versions, glass manufactured with BirdSecure Pro can be tailored to meet multiple performance requirements. According to the company, in a structural application such as a glass guard rail, the SentryGlas version would provide the same post-glass breakage and edge stability benefits of SentryGlas while reducing the threat to bird impacts, all in an aesthetically pleasing panel.


Transcending Entrances

The Transcend Series of thermally-broken entrances for commercial applications are the newest innovation from Dawson Metal Co. The doors feature a reinforced polyamide strip fixed between the inside and outside aluminum profiles, creating an insulating barrier within the frame. This reduces heat conduction through the door’s metal framing.

The series has a low U-value and features thermally broken technology designed to prevent deterioration caused by condensation. Tested at a rate of .19 cfm/ft^2, the series has a Thermal Simulation Report Rate of .45 BTU/hour*ft^2F°. Its water infiltration has zero leakage at a 1.0 psf pressure differential at over 300 gallons per hour, according to the company. The series also offers a fully-glazed door and frame using 1-inch low-E insulating glass.


Impact Achievements

Rehau’s impact-rated uPVC door and window line includes single-hung, casement, fixed and tilt-turn windows and doors. The products are impact-rated and tested to meet either High Velocity Hurricane Zone Florida Building Code standards or approved for Wind Zone 3.

The Exelis 190 hung-slider design with an integrated Raushield storm protection system offers a variety of options for residential and commercial properties. It has a 3 ¼-inch frame with patented integral anchor points, allowing for efficient installation of storm protection fabric in front of standard double-pane glass to achieve its impact rating, according to the company.

The Iconic 700 single-hung, the Aspekt 1800 outswing casement, the EuroDesign 4500 tilt-turn window and door designs and the Perspektive 2200 sliding door are also part of the company’s uPVC impact line. The company says these systems are specifically tested to meet Miami-Dade protocols TAS 201, TAS 202 and TAS 203; ASTM E1886 and E1996; and Florida Building Code requirements for High Velocity Hurricane Zone. The System 2150 sliding patio door is also designed to meet impact requirements.

Thermal Barriers

Locking In Performance

Azon’s Azo-Core is a high-density polyurethane foam thermal barrier insulator for aluminum fenestration. The foam is strengthened by a mechanical lock profile. According to the company, it provides low conductivity, which allows aluminum fenestration to meet ASHRAE 90.1-2022 U-Factor, Energy Star, Passive House and International Energy Conservation Code requirements.


Photovoltaic Sealant Options

Dow has expanded its silicone sealant products to offer photovoltaic (PV) module assembly materials. The new Dowsil PV product line with six silicone-based sealants and adhesives solutions can deliver frame sealing, rail bonding, junction box bonding and potting, and building integrated photovoltaics installation materials.

The company says the new solutions will help create a more sustainable world due to their increased net positive impact.

Glass Coatings

First Surface Protection

Glass Coatings & Concepts has developed a new enamel product line for surface one applications. EX Series Surface One Ceramic Enamel is designed to give architects tools to create new decorative glass designs. The company adds that the enamel also creates visual markers for bird-friendly glass, deterring collisions with the glass itself. Standard and custom color-matching capabilities are available.

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