Curtainwall Anew

Gamco Corp.’s new curtainwall system, the CW250P, features a polyamide structural pressure bar to create a thermal break. It delivers 20% U-value improvement and is capable of U-values as low as 0.34 or 0.21 with certain insulating glass packages, according to the company.

The new pressure bar is composed of environmentally friendly polyamide material utilizing 40% glass fiber reinforcement. The curtainwall offers enhanced condensation resistance factors for both frame and glass. The 2-½ inch CW250P, a stick-built system with concealed fasteners, is available in three back member frame depth sizes: 2-3/8 inches, 3-7/8 inches, and 5-½ inches. Standard finishes are clear anodized and dark bronze anodized. Dual-tone exterior and interior finishes are also possible.

Dynamic Glass

Now You See it…

Viracon Plus smart glass powered by Halio is a self-tinting smart glass solution that incorporates Halio Inc.’s proprietary electrochromic technology into Viracon’s insulating glass units. This smart glass autonomously adjusts tint levels to reduce energy consumption while maximizing natural light. According to the company, proprietary, cloud-based control combined with IoT sensors, a rooftop skycam and a large internet pipe enable rapid, incremental response to changing conditions outside, inside or via automated demand response from the utility company.


Less Green, Please

Solarban Acuity glass by Vitro Architectural Glass allows for upgraded clarity with less green hue compared to coated clear glass, according to the company. Acuity glass is available in 6-mm, 8-mm and 10-mm thicknesses. All Solarban solar control low-E glasses are available through the Vitro Certified Network.

Glass for Any Season

Şişecam launched its new solar control low-E glass Neutral 50/33, which provides light transmittance, efficient solar and heat control.

According to the company, due to its efficient solar control and thermal insulation properties, the product reduces heat loss by 50% compared to ordinary insulating glass units (IGU), providing heat insulation in winter and reduced heating expenses. It also decreases solar energy transmission by 45% compared to an ordinary IGU.


Strap into the Latest

The strap-in glass rack from MyGlassTruck can be installed into a box truck or enclosed trailer equipped with E-track and cargo straps. New features include a removable, padded ledge to protect the glass’s bottom edge and the vehicle’s floor. E-track is included on the rack, so cargo straps can be used to secure the glass. The strap-in rack is fabricated from aluminum extrusions that are also lightweight and feature full rubber padding. The strap-in rack is available in lengths and heights of 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet.


Quality Control and Systems

The A+W SmartFactory is a production system that coordinates the optimized flow of glass by enabling the control of machines and their capacity. Planning is done in real-time and can be adjusted to accommodate rush orders, capacity bottlenecks, machine failures, etc.

Additionally, A+W says its newest integrated software system could be the first step toward digitalizing a company. A+W iCut is a compact solution that integrates commercial programs to enter orders and optimize glass cutting. It can also manage glass storage and automatically synchronize with optimization after cutting.

Architectural Metals

Pick a Finish, Any Finish

The PAC-CLAD Ore lineup includes 16 finishes from Petersen that adds the look of natural metal patinas to any structure, according to the company. Ore finishes will not tarnish, discolor or rust. Applications can include education, office, retail, entertainment, sports, recreational and industrial buildings, multi-family mixed-use structures and others. Ore finishes are available on 24- and 22-gauge steel and .032- to .063-gauge aluminum, plus coil in 36.25-inch widths. Finishes include Desert Ore, LuxOre Tiger’s Eye, Cinnamon Ore, Mercury Ore, LuxOre Dynasty, Green Zinc Ore, Sapphire Ore, LuxOre Zinc, and more.



Seclock, a wholesale electrical and mechanical door hardware distributor, offers a variety of hardware products. According to the company, same-day shipping is available on inventory, and quotes are sent directly from its in-house quoting department.

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