Get in Line

The Art. LL line from Forel can assemble several layers of glass up to a maximum thickness of 80 millimeters. It can assemble rectangular laminated glass units with a PVB film for offset and shaped units. The line end unloader that brings finished glass back to a vertical position can lift up to 1,500 kilograms. Following the washing stage, belts and rollers align the glass, then position it in the center of the line. Glass is picked up by a system of suction cups, conveying it to the assembly area, where the magazine of PVB rolls is located. The PVB film is spread out over the glass automatically, and the second lite is then positioned on top of the first to make up the unit. The entire process is fully automated for the accurate positioning of glass lites.

Architectural Metals

Metal Aesthetics

PAC-CLAD Petersen is offering its new ore finishes that provide the look of natural metal patinas with the durability and consistency of a PVDF finish. With a selection of 16 different finishes, the company claims that any choice of finish will not tarnish, discolor or rust as natural metals do. The product is available on PAC-CLAD wall and roof panels, coil and sheet in aluminum and steel.

Doors and Windows


Rehau has expanded its Rau-Fipro portfolio to include Geneo and Aspekt+. The portfolio of products includes hybrid glass-fiber reinforced PVC material that allows for door and window openings up to 33% larger. With built-in structural integrity, windows and doors made with Rau-Fipro, including the Aspekt+ 1800 outswing casement and Geneo 4700 tilt-turn, are designed to go larger than standard PVC units steel inserts that detract from thermal performance, according to the company. Designed to meet stringent Passive House requirements, these systems contribute to ultra-tight building envelopes while also being resilient in the face of weather challenges with UV-resistant profiles that expand and contract 60% less than PVC.


Into the Woods

One of the newest developments from Clover Architectural is the use of woodgrain powder coating on aluminum sunshades. The powder comes in various woodgrain options designed to mimic different textures of wood.

According to the company, the new coating technology offers several benefits compared to using natural wood, including the durability and strength of the aluminum.

Window Hardware

Awn and Off

Roto North America is launching the newly improved X-Drive awning operator and bracket. It features a more robust attachment point, increased durability and more intuitive accessibility than previous versions. The new model provides the awning operator’s simplified and improved attach/detach function and a center mark on the awning bracket for easy installation and serviceability in the field. To connect the operator to the track, open the bracket hook and place the end of the operator into the slot on the awning bracket, then swing to close the clip. To disconnect it, open the awning bracket and press down on the operator’s arms, separating it from the bracket. The product also comes in both surface-mount and face-mount options.

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