50 Years of SSG Innovation

As a construction silicone provider, Dow has contributed to discovering the multi-purpose nature of silicones and bringing innovations into the construction industry. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s four-sided silicone structural glazing (SSG) application.

Before the 1960s, mechanical fasteners and gaskets were required to attach glass to a building’s framework. Then, two-sided SSG was introduced in the ’60s, followed by Dow’s four-sided SSG in the ’70s, which allowed architects and builders to create uninterrupted glass walls.

“For over 50 years, we have worked alongside professionals in the building and construction industries to help bring innovative and ambitious designs to life with our silicone structural glazing technologies,” said Jean-Paul Hautekeer, global marketing director for building and infrastructure at Dow. “As architects and builders today continue the journey toward safer and more sustainable structures, we’re proud to work alongside them to make our mark in the cities of tomorrow.”

Machinery and Equipment

Edging Ahead

HHH has developed Kodiak, a line of glass edging machines that feature heavy-duty spindles and frame construction designed for continuous use and ideal for oversized glass. All machines are UL/CE certified, come with a warranty and will be serviced in the U.S. by HHH’s team of 23 technicians.

The complete line includes glass edging, polishing, beveling and mitering equipment. The line was launched with two machines: the Kodiak 10 flat polishing machine and the Kodiak 10-45 glass polishing and mitering machine. The company plans to launch three additional machines in late 2021.

The company also offers its vertical CNC work center, the Denver Advance Lab, as an alternative to horizontal ones. This machine transforms glass from the cutting table into the final product. It features a “shine” edge polishing configuration, low-E friendly and low-E coating removal, automatic lowering of inlet rollers, rear water collection tanks and an automatic lubrication pump. With zero set-up, it runs 100% of the time to maximize productivity, according to the company.


Kawneer’s New Handle

Kawneer Co. Inc. has added an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant operating handle option for its GLASSvent UT (ultra-thermal) project-out windows. The new option is designed to meet the ADA recommendation that operable windows require no more than a 5-pound operating force, while also providing a coordinating handle for non-ADA applications. The horizontal handle configuration comes in two sizes: a 12-inch handle size for ADA compliance and an 8-inch handle size for other non-ADA applications.

The new ADA-compliant design option incorporates the Omni Drive operator from Caldwell. The horizontal handle movement provides single-hand operation from the inside, as well as sleek, exterior architectural sightlines.

Decorative Glass

Statement Makers

Sensitile’s glass product lines offer crystalline patterns and reflections encased within easy to clean surfaces. The glass allows users to create unique experiences in any space and achieve different aesthetics using colors, patterns and surface finishes in a material with the impact resistance of laminated safety glass. Low-emitting, PVC- and formaldehyde-free materials are designed and manufactured in the United States.


Declarations for Health Mirrors

Walker Glass announced its new Health Product Declarations® (HPD) for its mirror product lines. The company says it’s the first  manufacturer in North America to hold HPD on clear, low iron and acid-etched mirror. The documents are prepared according to the Health Product Declaration Collaborative’s open standards and third-party verified by Vertima.

The new HPD complements several others as well as environmental product declarations received by Walker’s glass products. These documents are available for Walker Textures® full surface acid-etched glass and AviProtek® birdsafe glass options.

Jumbo Glass

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Guardian Glass announced it is now producing 130- by- 240-inch or “super jumbo,” SunGuard coatings on clear or Guardian UltraClear float glass at its Carleton, Mich., facility.

Guardian Glass super jumbo glass is available with multiple high-performance SunGuard coatings on clear and UltraClear low-iron substrates, at 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-millimeter thickness.

Digital Printing

Print a New Story

Jetver Duo inks from Tecglass, the digital branch of the Fenzi Group, were developed to help ensure high opacity in light colors while maintaining fast printing speeds. According to the company, the inks can conceal visible silicone effects for full compliance with industry requirements and are ready without any additional setup in the printers developed by the company.

Tecglass also offers its Jetver translucent inks, which create a color story without being completely opaque.

Insulating Glass Components

ClearSpacer, Crystal Clear

ClearSpacer from Glasslam uses a transparent acrylic sealant on both sides of the spacer with viscoelastic and adhesion properties. It is virtually invisible after application, and ClearSpacer satisfies visual and design requirements when bonding to glass or clear surfaces, according to the company.

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