Architectural Metals

Pen Painting Perfection

The new Paint Pen provides a convenient way to quickly, neatly and effectively touch up scratches and other damage to the PAC-CLAD finish. The company says that applying its
touch-up paint protects the metal substrate and returns a building’s architectural metal façade to its intended appearance.

PAC-CLAD paint pens are available for standard colors, which do not include metallic, weathered copper, weathered steel, wood grain or ore finishes.

Thermal Barriers

Bonding for Thermal Performance

Polymer thermal barrier’s use in aluminum fenestration for higher thermal performance has grown. As designs integrate more complex thermal barriers, these polymers need to bond sealants to support weatherproofing and meet structural performance requirements. Technoform has modified the thermal barrier’s surface to provide the same level of adhesion to sealants as finished aluminum without needing surface primers. The surface modification creates a layer of aluminum oxide particles embedded in the polyamide’s surface. This new surface forms an interlayer between the polymer and sealant,
which has the same reliable adhesion to silicone as finished aluminum extrusions.


Cutting Precision

The T-400 saw from Fletcher Terry is designed to cut 45 degree miters precisely for
woodworking applications such as trim for doors and windows. It can handle all wood, plastic and metal materials with moulding heights up to 3 ½ inches and widths up to 3.937 inches.

According to the company, the unique pneumatic control system results in a smooth down-stroke movement, precise cut and quick return process. With each stroke, two miters are cut using Atlas saw blades from the moulding with the least amount of scrap. Four pneumatic clamps hold the moulding in place for high quality cutting, according to the company. The T-400 is a fully enclosed unit with no external moving parts and
has safety features such as an emergency push button cut-off switch and front door guard micro cut-off switch.

Decorative Glass

Pulp Studio Introduces DermaAR

Pulp Studio has expanded its proprietary DermaGlass collection with DermaAR. According to the company, the new acid etched, ultra-thin architectural material is highly durable, lightweight, and resilient for exterior facades and interior applications. DermaAR has a thickness of 1.3 mm and is a low-iron glass offered in sizes up to 58 by 118 inches. The glass can be used with the company’s Pintura, a water-based backpainted glass or laminated with printed graphic interlayers. DermaGlass and DermaAR each have an ultra-thin profile that uses an ion-exchange process to offer designers options for various applications, such as bent glass column surrounds or customized decorative shapes that also offer surface strength.

Bird-Friendly Glass

GlasPro Inc. Expands Bird Safe Line

First Surface Etch is the newest addition to GlasPro’s Bird Safe line of bird-friendly glazing solutions. Bird Safe First Surface Etch products comply with the 2- by 2-inch rule for bird-friendly glass and new bird-friendly building codes.

The etched dot and linear patterns on the exterior surface are visible to birds, including small songbirds, and help prevent collisions with glass. GlasPro says First Surface Etch can also help construction projects achieve certification under LEED.

FlySafe with Saflex

An extended portfolio of options for Saflex FlySafe 3D polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers for laminated glass is Eastman’s latest offering. The company says the additions
give architects and designers more ways to protect birds and comply with new construction regulations without compromising aesthetics.

Saflex FlySafe 3D is available in two different sequin sizes, 6 mm (0.24 in.) and 9 mm (0.35 in.) in diameter, with two color options of silver matte and shiny. Additionally, FlySafe 3D can be configured with a 9-mm shiny sequin for the interior and exterior sides for noise protection walls.

In cooperation with Collision Laboratories of Hohenau-Ringelsdorf, Austria, the full FlySafe 3D portfolio has been tested using flight tunnels, which the company says demonstrates that it’s effective in mitigating bird collisions.

FlySafe 3D PVB interlayers can be combined with selective coatings and other Saflex products to increase security, stability, acoustic control, solar control and protection from harmful UV rays. The interlayers can also be used effectively as the inboard or
outboard laminate of an insulating glass unit.

Privacy Glass

Privacy Please

Cardinal IG, a subsidiary of Cardinal Glass Industries, announced the launch of CLiC, an on-demand privacy glass. Featuring a proprietary construction for commercial and residential applications, CLiC provides “instant” privacy with abundant light transmission in privacy mode and clear views from any angle in clear mode. The technology runs on NEC class 3 low-voltage power and is compatible with most building control systems.

CLiC glass is available in two configurations: one a monolithic design for interior applications and one integrated with Cardinal IG and LoĒ coatings to meet thermal
and solar performance requirements.

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