Personal Protective Equipment

The Perfect Fit

Featuring RepTek Grip technology, the new GPD787 and GPD487 silicone-coated gloves from Magid offer safety and comfort. According to the company, they also last an expected six months longer than standard gloves. The gloves offer cut adhesion, resistance, dexterity and prevent sealant/hot melt build-up. The GPD487 features a Hyperon ANSI
cut level A5 shell, while the GPD787 uses Magid’s AeroDex technology to achieve cut level A7 protection. The silicon palms provide a dry grip and increased heat resistance while remaining cool and lightweight.

Protective Glazing

Safety First

SecureGlaze from AGNORA is the company’s new line of security glazing. The products provide high levels of forced-entry resistance to manual attacks, such as hammers, axes and sledgehammers. The glazing features performance coatings and comes in sizes up to 130 inches by 300 inches for large area coverage. SecureGlaze I, II and III offer varying threat protection levels, with P5A equivalent, P6B and P8B ratings.


Ready to Move in Minutes

Novagard’s Qwik-Set glazing sealant is now portable. The NovaFlex QwikSet portable adhesive and glazing sealant ensures that hand glazing, field glazing and field installation are fast and efficient. The sealant is a two-component, neutral cure silicone that rapidly builds adhesive and elastomeric strength. With this new, fixed 2:1 ratio available in a dual cartridge, the sealant can be applied easily using a portable pneumatic gun for quick repairs in the field or where glazing tables aren’t an option.


Caulked for Sure

Firelands Hardware Inc. introduces Caulk Sure, an all-weather, crack-resistant, paintable hybrid formulation that remains flexible while being shrunk. Caulk Sure can perform in temperatures ranging from -10° F to 160° F. The product is paintable after about an hour and is completely cured in five to seven days. It is water, UV and mold/mildew-resistant.

Doors and Entrances

Engineered for Longevity and Quiet Operation

Horton Automatics’ new ProSlide® Series 2021 belt drive system provides long life and quiet operation. The ProSlide’s drivetrain is tested to one million cycles and comes with a standard two-year limited warranty. The system features an exclusive adjustable astragal with a double weather seal in the lead rail of the sliding door panel for optimal condensation, air infiltration, U-values and improved energy efficiency.


Beefed Up Performance

With its Aspekt+ 1800, Rehau expanded its casement window portfolio to include a strength-enhancing sash. The objective? To meet stringent Passive House requirements while addressing the growing demand for large windows in commercial and residential construction. Product designers accomplished this by incorporating Rau-Fipro, a glass-fiber reinforced PVC material.

At the same time, the company’s co-extruded triple-seal technology limits thermal conduction and ensures a tight frame-to-sash seal for better U-values. The result is an outswing casement window that offers high structural and thermal performance and acoustic insulation.

The system achieves U-values as low as 0.14, STC ratings up to 42 dB, and structural NAFS ratings up to CW-PG100. The new product joins the original all-PVC Aspekt 1800 design, both of which are available in 31/4-inch, 33/8-inch and 31/2-inch frame depths.

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