Laminating Machinery

Bottero Cuts a New Figure

Bottero has introduced a new model in its Lamilinea range, the 548 LAM. Company officials say the new addition is in response to growing demand for productivity and flexibility in the laminated glass market.

The 548 LAM is available in a stand-alone version and a dual line combined with a monolithic cutting table. Officials explain the machine offers various levels of automation that are able to manage fully automatic, complex optimizations with X, Y, Z and W cuts on float glass and low-E, up to 12- by 12-mm thickness.

Cutting on the 548 LAM is performed by two independent cutting heads, with hollow structural section steel wheels to score the glass on the two surfaces. The machine can reach a maximum cutting speed of 140 m/min.

Burkle Bids Conventional Autoclave Process Adieu

Burkle officials say its easy-LAM IFL glass laminator replaces the conventional autoclave process, including prelamination, with a multi-stage lamination route and guarantees noticeably faster glass lamination processes.

They explain that advantages include energy-efficient operations, short cycle times and reduced manpower requirements. This is compared to the “traditional” approach of laminating architectural, custom, protective and solar products.

Mirrored Glass

Vitro Pavia the Way for More Platia Glass Products

Vitro Architectural Glass has completed an overhaul of its production processes for Pavia Acid-Etched Glass and Platia Mirror Glass products. Officials say the move increases the availability of both products across North America.

Pavia glass is a translucent architectural glass for safeguarding the privacy of interiors. Officials explain that the glass can be transformed into light, color and textures to meet creative and functional needs. It is produced using an acid treatment that is applied to one face of the glass, resulting in a smooth, translucent surface with a degree of opacity.

Platia mirror glass is copper-free. Officials say it was created using environmentally friendly mirror processes. They add that Platia provides “excellent” durability in saline environments and superior optical quality to conventional mirror glass.

Decorative Glass

Bendheim Introduces Evolution

Bendheim has debuted the Evolution Collection for interiors. The collection offers softened lines of fluted texture in a Titanium® etched reflective glass.

The Evolution Collection has what Bendheim calls durable, maintenance-friendly material and a three-dimensional nature. It also features a fingerprint-resistant surface for wall cladding applications in high-traffic areas. It can be designed with on-trend metallics (silver, grey and bronze) and custom colors.


Kingspan Sees Klearly

Kingspan Light + Air, a division of Kingspan Group PLC, debuted its new KlearSky™ metal framed glass skylights. The skylights allow architects to aesthetically integrate natural daylight into buildings while still achieving high levels of building performance. They have a water infiltration performance of 15 pounds per square foot.

KlearSky metal framed glass skylights offer various options, including standard configurations such as pyramids, polygons, segmented barrel vaults, single slopes (spanning up to 22 feet) and ridges (spanning up to 40 feet). The skylights are also customizable. An array of ultraviolet-stable, non-yellowing glazing options are also available to meet stringent energy code performance requirements, including laminated and high-performance insulating glass.


Sayonara Harmful UV Rays

Kuraray’s Trosifol Ultraviolet (UV) Extra Protect is a laminated safety glass interlayer designed to enable visible light to pass through while offering complete protection against harmful UV radiation. Company officials say the technology has been implemented in various renovation projects, including the Royal Garrison Church in Portsmouth, U.K.

The church has an 800-year history and was renovated with the UV Extra Protect interlayer to protect historical artifacts and elements inside from the damaging ultraviolet radiation and the extreme environmental conditions of its coastal location. The interlayer was used in a multi-panel partition manufactured by ESG Group, separating the roofless nave from the sanctuary.

Protective Glazing

Vision Control Earns Hurricane Certification

Unicel Architectural Corp. announced its Vision Control advanced louvered
glazing and curtainwall systems are now certified for hurricane resistance in Florida. Officials say a select group of the company’s glazing system products recently passed three Florida Testing Application Standards and two ASTM standards.

Officials add the certified aluminum curtainwall system (700S) can feature insulating glass units alone or with Vision Control, Vision Control Mini or ViuLite. These products are now certified under Florida Building Product Approval number FL 41609, making them compliant with the structural requirements of the current Florida Building Code, including within the region’s high-velocity hurricane zone.

Safe and Sound

Insulgard Security Products has developed a line of doors and windows that protects occupants from windborne debris in the event of a hurricane or tornado. The company’s StormDefend TTH600 window system and TTH350 door system have been tested, certified and labeled by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The systems meet UL752 Level 3 ballistic protection specifications, ICC 500-20 and FEMA 361-21 requirements for use in hurricane and tornado storm shelters, including the 250-mph wind zone.

The systems also allow natural light to pass through, fostering a quality learning and working environment while providing protection during the event of a natural disaster, according to the company.

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