Protective Glazing

Meeting the Florida Building Code

With new Florida Building Codes now in effect as of January 1, 2018, YKK AP has taken steps to help architects and contractors easily incorporate pre-approved, pre-engineered curtainwalls and window walls into projects in the Florida market and other low-lying regions. The company has enhanced its ProTek impact-resistant products to meet the Florida Building Code’s revised 2017 Florida Product Approvals.

The YHC 300 OG high-performance curtainwall, YHC 300 SSG Cassette pre-glazed curtainwall and YHW 60 TU pre-glazed window wall have been standardized to meet specific, required design pressures for Florida Product Approvals. Pre-engineered anchor conditions will be expanded. The most significant change, according to the company, has been to the YHC 300 OG curtainwall, with mullion heights more than doubled to reach as high as 324 inches. This will allow for large spans of pure glass on multi-story buildings, resulting in a cleaner aesthetic and improved daylighting, according to the company.

Additionally, the company has consolidated all Florida Product Approval information to make it easy for architects and contractors to locate specific product information needed for a given application. ❙❙➤

Tools and Supplies

Find the Shim that Fits

Grove Products Inc. offers a range of shims in a variety of sizes, with its 3- by 4-inch horseshoe shims available in nine thicknesses. They are available in nine color-coded thicknesses and can be supplied bulk packed in boxes.

According to information from the company, the horseshoe shims are shaped to fit around a bolt or anchor, and are often used during installation of storefronts and in applications where the shim is placed vertically. ❙❙➤


Keeping Warm Efficiently

Temperable low-E flat glass from S ̧is ̧ecam can reduce heat loss from windows by 50 percent compared to traditional insulating glass units, according to the company. The glass eliminates cold spots in winter, and heat inside the room radiates equally. It also offers solutions for commercial and residential buildings where security is required, allowing for tempering, heat strengthening, laminating and enameling after the coating process.

The company’s temperable solar control low-E glass provides up to 50 percent savings in heating energy and effective heat insulation in windows. In addition to its heat insulating function, it also reduces solar heat gain in summer, providing savings in air-conditioning expenses.

Neutral 62/44 is ideal for applications such as residences, schools and hospital projects for its high light transmittance (60 percent) and optimum solar control (43 percent), according to the company. Neutral 50/33 is ideal for office and shopping mall projects for its optimum light transmittance (49 per-cent) and maximum solar control (33 percent). Temperable products can be used also on different colors of glass depending on the needs of the projects for which it is being used. ❙❙➤

Perfectly Neutral

AGC’s Clearvision is a low-iron glass that offers neutrality, purity and color enhancement.

It delivers 92 percent light transmission and, according to the company, is ideal for architectural applications requiring a high degree of transparency or color optimization. Even in thick iterations, Clearvision is designed to remain neutral.

Available in laminated, heat-treated, bent, silkscreened or insulating configurations, Clearvision can be specified for interiors and exteriors—from distinct architectural elements such as balustrades and floors, to entire building facades. Clearvisions’s double and triple insulating units provide high light transmission and maximize solar energy.

Clearvision can also be used in residential and industrial applications such as frameless and heavy glass shower enclosures, custom tabletops, shelving, display cases and more.

It can be specified in a wide range of thicknesses from 3 mm to 12 mm with custom thicknesses available upon request.

Clearvision is also Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Silver. ❙❙➤

Interlayer Materials

Toughen Up

The Everlam Super Tough is a new, stiff polyvinyl butyral (PVB) addition to Ever-lam’s portfolio of products and services.

Everlam Super Tough is designed to provide extra safety in applications such as glass balconies, balustrades, curtain-walls, floors and stairs. In case a glass panel breaks, the company says it maintains the panel solidly in place for a longer time compared to standard PVB. By making the glass stronger, thinner glass can be used to minimize the weight and cost of the entire glass structure.❙❙➤

Window Hardware

An Actuator for Every Occasion

WindowMaster has a new window actuator in three variants of different strength and energy usage, which al-lows customers to pick the right actuator depending on their specific needs.

The WMU 852 is built for performance, reliability and durability, ac-cording to the company. It is a compact medium chain actuator, which is classic in its form factor and comes with the familiar WindowMaster technology.

The WMU 851 was created for lower current consumption and higher efficiency. The shorter stroke enables it to provide the right amount of power to do the job and still deliver on performance, according to the company.

The WMU 831 will perform as needed for natural ventilation in façade windows and compares on strength and reliability to the best in the market.

All three variants of the new actuator include the new TrueSpeed technology, which allows users to connect the MotorLink lines, so they can open all windows in sync.❙❙➤

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